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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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A Human, a Merman, and the Unexpected

Tales of the Briny Nix: Book Three

Beneath the Deep: After succumbing to a merman's charms, a human must learn how to deal with the unexpected consequences.

Tran Poleman has been fighting his attraction to the merman Garan Vermidian for many months. He's watched his best friends, Wayne and Easton, succumb to the mating pull and bond with mermen. They seem happy, and while Tran wants a little of that for himself, he doesn't trust this bond the mermen call Adelfi Psychi--soul mates. He'd thought he'd found a guy that could make him happy once before. It had ended with Tran in the hospital, fearing for his life. How could he put his life, his heart, in the hands of another? Still, Garan is kind and charming and persistent. Tran's resolve weakens, and when the merman offers to do what few men have ever done--to bottom for him--Tran gives in. After waking in the man's arms, Tran runs. Wayne and Easton eventually track him down...and he learns his dalliance had unexpected consequences. Garan is pregnant. Can Tran put his past behind him? Or will he miss his chance to embrace a future full of love?

Excerpt - A Human, a Merman, and the Unexpected

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Pausing at the small home’s door, Garan Vermidian practically vibrated with anticipation…and arousal. He’d been jacking off to his few memories of Tran for nearly four months. His patience had been stretched so tight, he’d actually taken Easton up on his suggestion to hang out at the gym with him.

But it worked!

Garan could only attribute Tran’s sudden turnaround to the pull to mate. The desire grew stronger the longer the two stayed apart. It didn’t just affect the paranormal in the pairing, which—right then—Garan was damn happy about.

Watching Tran slide the key into the door’s lock, Garan couldn’t resist reaching out and rest his fingertips along the dip at the small of his human’s back. Garan teased up and down that section of spine, feeling the skin ripple beneath his touch.

I want to feel those shudders over every inch of his skin.

When Tran opened the door and stepped forward, Garan moved with him, following a step behind. As soon as he cleared the threshold, he wrapped his arm around Tran’s waist. Garan dipped his head and pressed his nose against the human’s neck and inhaled deeply.

Garan reveled in the smell of his Adelfi Psychi. There was nothing else like it on earth, and he knew there never would be again. His drive to make Tran his own nearly consumed him.

Wrapping his other arm around Tran, higher on his chest so he could tease his nipples through his shirt, Garan nuzzled the side of his head. He let out a low moan as he rocked his hips, pressing his erection against his human’s ass. Between the smell of clean sweat and Tran’s natural masculine scent, Garan felt his groin tingle and his cock twitch.

Unfortunately, Tran tensed in his arms.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had caused it.

My sweet human must think I’m going back on my word. I must prove that’s not the case.

Reining in his need, Garan unwound his right arm and used it to close the door. He also eased his crotch away from Tran’s ass, since that had seemed to be the trigger. Last, he skimmed the fingertips of his left hand back and forth over his human’s stomach.

“Sweet, Tran.” Crooning the words, Garan skimmed his left hand down to tease over the stretched fabric at his human’s groin. “I can’t wait to feel this sliding in and out of my body.” He gently cradled Tran’s balls while rubbing his thumb up and down his erection. “You will fill me so good, sweet human. Can’t wait for that pleasure, that bliss.”

Upon hearing Tran’s low groan and feeling him sag against him even as he bucked into his hold, Garan felt as if his heart skipped a beat in his chest. No sounds could compare. His soon-to-be lover’s pleasure, the smell of his arousal perfuming the air, caused Garan’s blood to fire in his veins.

“Where is your bedroom?” Garan asked huskily, barely resisting the urge to strip right there in the foyer. “Can hardly wait for you to mount me.”

Tran shuddered hard in his grip, then rocked forward, pulling away from him.

Knowing Tran needed to take the lead, Garan let him go. To his pleasure, his human reached back and grabbed his hand. Then he led him out of the foyer, past a cozy living space—complete with a rustic stone fireplace—and down a hallway. Two of the doors were open, revealing a bathroom and a craft room. Two doors were closed. Tran opened the one at the end of the hall and led the way inside.

Garan thought the light blue walls, deep red comforter, and medium green wooden furniture screamed Tran’s unique character. His focus swiftly shifted to the huge bed, however. “Oh, that looks comfortable.” Meeting Tran’s gaze, Garan saw uncertainty there. He cocked his head as he furrowed his brows. “Can I ask for your thoughts, Tran?”