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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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A Vampire for his Own

A Paranormal's Love: Book Twenty-Seven

In to the Paranormal World: When a dominant vampire finds his beloved in a fear-filled gargoyle, he discovers a softer side he didn't realize he had.

Basques Grouper takes his job as the head enforcer for the Maven coven very seriously. When his coven's Master Krispin learns that the nearby gargoyle clutch has a new chieftain, Basques is sent with his coven's second-in-command and another enforcer to meet with him. The meeting is going well...until a small blue gargoyle enters to serve refreshments, and Basques scents his blood. His over-eager approach when he asks to taste the male sends the gargoyle running. Basques learns the small gargoyle is Dloben, and under the prior chieftain's rule, he'd been abused. Working to change his approach, Basques must put his faith in the mate-pull and the advice of strangers. Can Basques convince his shy beloved that he's not like the dominant paranormals he's dealt with in the past?

Excerpt - A Vampire for his Own

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Three days later, Basques drove a coven SUV deep into the woods. Second Ridger sat in the passenger seat, staring out the windshield. Enforcer Carmine and Tracker Kraymer sat in the middle captains chairs.

As they turned to head down a long, winding driveway, Kraymer leaned forward and asked, “Have you guys ever met a gargoyle before?”

Basques glanced in his rearview mirror at the excited expression on the young tracker’s face. At barely thirty-eight, the vampire was still considered wet behind the ears, regardless of his extraordinary aptitude for tracking. Times like these reminded Basques of that fact.

“Yeah,” Ridger answered. “We visited this clutch almost fifty years ago and met with Chieftain Grecian.” Smirking, he added, “He was sort of a dick.”

“Hopefully Chieftain Kinsey will be an improvement,” Basques commented. Then he admitted, “But if he was brutish enough to fight through the inner circle and still beat Grecian, well…I’m not holding out much hope.”

“Remember to be on your best behavior,” Ridger warned. “We would prefer to keep the peace.”

“Why would they want a fight, anyway?” Kraymer asked, his confusion clear in his tone. “What use would living near a city be to gargoyles in hiding?”

“Maybe to help them find mates easier?” Carmine guessed before shrugging his wide shoulders. “Doesn’t matter. That’s our home, and they can’t have it.” He grinned, showing off his fangs. “But I’ll be good.”

Ridger snorted. “Glad to hear it.”

“Especially since we’re here,” Basques commented with a chuckle, parking the vehicle to the left of the large lodge-style home’s big, four-car garage. “You two pull the mead barrels out of the back while we knock.”

“Yes, sir,” both men replied almost in unison.

As soon as Basques slipped from the vehicle, the hairs on his nape once again stood on end. He ignored the desire to rub them, unwilling to betray his unease. As paranormals, the gargoyles would be able to scent it easily enough as it was.

“Looks like the welcoming party,” Ridger murmured as soon as Basques joined him beside the passenger door.

Basques followed his second’s gaze to the front door, which stood open. Three gargoyles were standing on the deck. All three stood well over six feet tall, probably pushing six-foot-six and up. As was traditional for a gargoyle, they all wore a loincloth around their hips, which showcased their thickly muscled torsos and limbs.

The biggest of the lot at around six-foot-ten, a dark-green gargoyle, spoke as Basques and Ridger approached.

“Welcome to the Aerasceatle clutch,” he greeted, holding out his black-clawed hand. “I’m Second Destrawn.”

“Second Ridger,” the vampire greeted, taking the male’s hand. “And this is Head Enforcer Basques. Thank you for allowing us in your people’s territory today.”

Destrawn offered a wide, toothy smile. “You come bearing aged mead, so of course, we’d say yes.” He took a step backward as he chuckled. “That and we know your coven was on cordial terms with this clutch’s prior chieftain. It’s only natural that you’d want to meet the new one.” Beckoning, Destrawn added, “Come on. I’ll introduce you to Chieftain Kinsey.”

Basques flanked Ridger, falling into step at his left shoulder. He noticed that Carmine and Kraymer handed off the mead barrels to the other pair of gargoyles who’d been waiting on the porch. Then the vampire pair flanked Basques and Ridger.

Destrawn led the way down the hall and through a door on the right, not caring in the least when the pair with the mead went another direction. Basques figured the massive, six-foot-ten gargoyle was either confident in his skills or figured they weren’t a threat. When they entered the room, Basques figured it was a little bit of both.

Three others waited.

A big, broad gargoyle with yellowish-orange skin stood on the far side of the large great room near the fireplace. He was the smallest at around six-foot-six and had his arm around a small, slender human. A powder-gray gargoyle stood near a sofa, and he split the difference at six-foot-eight.

Gods, I forgot how big these fuckers can be.

As Basques had suspected, the male holding the human introduced himself as Chieftain Kinsey. The human was his mate, Jimmy. Basques learned that the gray male was Enforcer Sethnos.

They had just finished introductions and pleasantries when a soft knock sounded on the door. Second Destrawn crossed to the door and opened it, revealing a gargoyle smaller than Basques had ever seen before. He was pushing a trolley which held an array of drinks and finger foods.

The pale-blue-hided gargoyle only stood five-foot-ten, and his long white hair hung almost to his waist, even in the half dozen braids it was kept in. Not only that, but the male didn’t appear to have any wings, although Basques did spot some extra folds of skin along his underarms and sides.

Huh. Odd.

Just as Basques turned his attention back to Chieftain Kinsey, who was offering them refreshments, a rich, earthy scent tickled his senses. Inhaling deeply, Basques almost groaned. The mouth-watering fragrance seemed to combine with blood-rich iron in a way that slammed him with lust.

For the first time in centuries, Basques’s control slipped. His eyes hazed as he riveted his gaze back on the little gargoyle. Groaning, he mapped the heated lines flowing through the small male.

Realization hit.

Holy shit! I think this male is my beloved.

In hindsight, Basques realized he should have said that out loud, but instead, he blurted, “Gods, I want your blood in the worst way.”