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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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An Unforgettable Bite

A Loving Nip: Book Three

Just a little Love Bite: A good person learns from his mistakes. A great person learns from other people's mistakes.

Nathan Hanson, Nate to his friends, is still working through the recent changes to his life. When he walked away from Diana, his long-time girlfriend, he came out to his father, Owen. To his surprise, Owen admitted he was gay, too. Unfortunately, Diana doesn't want to move on. When she continues to call him, Nate changes his number. Next she starts dropping by his work, so he gives her information to his work's lot security to keep her out. Nate even changes his phone number, but sometimes he still feels like he's being watched.

When Nate finally gets up the courage and accompanies a few friends to a gay bar, he just wants to have a little mindless fun to take his mind off of his problems...and maybe finally act on his desires for another man. There, he meets Lexington Paistro, who is handsome, sexy, and into Nate. He's also a vampire. Having learned of paranormals when his father bonded with one, it's not the biting that Nate fears. It's the possessiveness. He's still trying to extricate himself from a woman who thinks she owns him, will Lexington behave the same way?

Excerpt - An Unforgettable Bite

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    More and more people flocked to the dance floor, and bodies closed in around him. Nathan noticed that he and Brock were no longer right next to their other friends, but he didn’t mind it so much. He felt hands on his body, touching his back, caressing his hip, or sliding over his ass. Eventually, he stopped bothering to see who it was, since the touches were fleeting, just another dancer copping a feel, and they made him feel good, desired, and he didn’t fight the boner in his jeans.

Peter was right. The musky smells of men and arousal did permeate the air.

Eventually, Nathan began to think about retreating to the bar to get a bottle of water. His mouth was dry and he felt himself tiring. He felt a pair of large hands settle on his hips. Nathan didn’t react at first, since it wasn’t the first time he’d been grabbed. Except, this man’s hands didn’t move on after a few seconds. When a big body pressed up against him from behind, Nathan tensed.

“Easy, handsome,” a deep, melodious voice rumbled into his ear. “We’re just dancing.” Then, he licked—actually, licked—a stripe along the skin below Nathan’s right ear. “But I may try to get you to change your mind.”

Nathan shuddered.


He hadn’t even realized that was a hot spot for him. Tingles erupted along the back of his neck, down his spine, and across his chest. His nipples, already beaded due to exertion and arousal, tightened even more, making them ultra-sensitive where they rubbed against his shirt’s cloth. His arms goose bumped and his erection twitched in his jeans.

Nathan turned his head and looked up and back at the man. He sucked in a breath upon seeing the heated smile and sparkling dark eyes of the blond man peering down at him. Upon seeing the mischievous smile on the stranger’s face, Nathan couldn’t help but suck in a surprised breath as his heart rate sped up.

“Uh—” His tongue tied. Nathan had no idea what to say to the handsome man.

“You okay there, Nate?” Brock asked, leaning close. His eyes were narrowed and he shifted his focus between Nathan and the stranger. “Want me to get rid of him?”

Do I?

Nathan wasn’t sure. The guy behind him was hot. Big and blond and more filled out than Garner, he pushed all of Nathan’s hot buttons. If he wanted to get some action, he had to put himself out there right? Maybe it was the alcohol coursing through his system, or perhaps it was the way the stranger slid his thumbs under the edge of Nathan’s shirt and began caressing his hip bones. Either way, Nathan really wanted to see where this would go.

Looking at Brock, Nathan shook his head. “I’m okay, Brock. I’m here to dance, right?”

Brock nodded. He leaned close again and told him, “I’m gonna get us a couple of bottles of water. I’ll be at the bar with it when you’re ready.” He leaned just a bit closer and stated, “You need anything, just make a scene.”

“Right,” Nathan responded, suddenly remembering that there were plenty of men he could call on for help if his new dance partner ended up being a douchbag. “I’ll catch up with you in a bit. Thanks for the dance.”

After Brock nodded, he turned and headed through the throng of men. Within seconds, he disappeared amongst the crowd.

Nathan attempted to turn in the other man’s grip, but the guy tightened his hold. “Relax,” the man urged, keeping him from turning. “Nate, is it?”

“Yeah,” Nathan responded, glancing over his shoulder at him. “Nathan.” He wasn’t certain why he didn’t want the man using his nickname, but for some reason, he couldn’t resist correcting him. “Who, uh, what’s your name?”

“Nathan,” the man rumbled, sliding one hand from his hip to palm Nathan’s stomach. “I like that.” He pressed his chest and groin to Nathan’s back and ass as he told him, “I’m Lexington. My friends call my Lex.”

“Lex,” Nathan murmured. “I should warn you that I’m not a very good dancer.”

Lex smiled down at him, tightening his hold. “Maybe I can find a way to help you with that,” he stated, rubbing his palm over Nathan’s stomach. “You do seem a bit tense.”

Nathan snorted. “I just climbed my way out of the closet. This is new for me.”

Behind him, Lex froze.

Grimacing, Nathan realized what he’d just admitted. “I can’t believe I said that,” he mumbled. He took a step forward, intending to pull away.

That seemed to pull Lex from whatever musings he’d been drawn into. He moved with him, then rubbed Nathan’s belly and side. He kept his body slotted up behind Nathan’s own.

“Easy, now, Nathan,” Lex crooned. “Just relax against me. I’ll show you the way. Match your movements to mine.”

Slowly, Lex began to rock behind him. Nathan attempted to obey. He rotated his hips, sliding his body against the bigger man’s and moving with the beat.

At first, Nathan felt stiff and uncoordinated. He’d never considered himself the little spoon before, but that was exactly the situation he was now in. Somehow, Nathan found it hotter than anything he’d ever experienced before. His prick, which had wilted a bit with his rise in nerves, thickened and once again filled his fly.

Giving himself over to Lex’s guidance, Nathan followed his gentle urgings. He rocked his hips and pressed back against the other man, following the slight pressure to his stomach that Lex exerted with his hand. Nathan felt the bulge of the man’s groin pressing against his ass and his heartrate somehow accelerated even more.

Nathan had fought to get his body to respond to his ex for years. This response with so little stimulation nearly caused his head to swim. Enjoying the heady arousal that coursed through his system, he gave himself over to the strong male behind him.

His cock throbbed in his jeans. This was what attraction was supposed to feel like, overwhelming and powerful.

Being the big spoon was damned overrated.

So this is what I’ve been missing.