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Ar-Ma-Dillo Packin'?

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Twenty-Eight

On the Road: On his first ride cross-country, a young moose shifter stumbles upon a mate that he's not ready for.

Ronald Oleander, Ronnie to his friends, has been looking forward to this road trip for months, ever since he'd aced the test for his motorcycle license. With the wind on his face, he follows Noah and Adam--his older brother and his brother's mate--through winding back roads. Their destination is a small town in Wisconsin where they're meeting up with Adam's old biker gang. Ronnie has been warned the place is homophobic and to never go anywhere alone. Except, when he arrives, the first thing he notices is an enticing smell. Ronnie wanders around the back of the diner to investigate and finds a pair of humans pounding on a smaller man. Breaking up the fight, he sends the jerks packing. When he focuses on the smaller man, he discovers he's the source of the smell--and is not only a shifter, but his mate--Hector Ramirez, an armadillo shifter. At barely twenty-one, Ronnie didn't expect to find the other half of his soul so soon, and he doesn't feel ready. Still, he can't deny his instincts. For better or worse, can Ronnie accept not only his mate but figure out a way to stop the people after him?

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