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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Believing in the Traitor

A Paranormal's Love: Book Fourteen

Into the Paranormal World: One man's lie is another man's truth.

Walter wonders if he made a mistake. One minute, he's helping his boss recapture stolen animals. The next, he realizes everything is not as it seems. A split second decision completely changes his life, and he takes a bullet meant for someone, something, else.

Awake and lucid after months in a coma, Walter discovers the true depth of his boss's treachery. Now, he knows myths and legends are real, and his boss had even been holding some of those creatures captive. The animals hadn't been stolen, they'd actually been gargoyles!

One such beast, a black-winged, golden gargoyle named Treatise, fires his blood like no one ever has. Except, Walter is a traitor. Can anyone truly trust him, even the gargoyle who claims him as his mate?

Excerpt - Believing in the Traitor

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “So he’s pretty laid up at the moment?” Treatise asked, looking for confirmation. “Then what am I actually going to do?”

Tobias shrugged. “Talk to him to start with,” he recommended. “Maybe try to convince him to leave his room, even for a few minutes at a time. If he sees our people as something other than the monsters Bud made us out to be, you should have a better chance of getting him to open up.”

“Swell,” Treatise grumbled. “I’ll ask him if he knows how to play pinochle.”

Tobias stopped before a door and turned to face him. “You know how to play pinochle?”

Treatise shrugged, glancing around uncomfortably. “Yeah,” he admitted. “I learned online because I was bored.”

Grinning, Tobias clapped him on the shoulder. “Well, there ya go then. Maybe Walter likes card games.” He pulled a key out of a pouch attached to a belt wrapped around his loincloth. “Who knows, huh?”

When Tobias opened the door, Treatise paused in following him. A scent tickled his senses. He felt a tingle of arousal zing through his system, causing blood to rush south. His balls even rolled in his sack.

“You coming?”

“I just might,” Treatise muttered, reaching down to adjust his growing erection.

Tobias turned to face him, standing a few steps beyond the doorway. “What did you say?”

Treatise realized he’d said his thought out loud and it was probably disbelief that had his second asking for a repeat, not because he hadn’t actually heard his words clearly.

Grimacing, Treatise slipped past the second. Once inside the sitting area of the suite of rooms, he inhaled again and just managed to hold in his moan. He did, however, have to press the heel of his palm against the base of his now-straining erection.

“Whoa,” Tobias murmured. “What the fuck? What’s wrong?”

Treatise breathed through his mouth, but that didn’t help. Instead, that only caused the scents to flow over the hundreds of receptors on his tongue. His cock thickened painfully, twitching and oozing in his loincloth.

Hissing, Treatise turned away from the bigger gargoyle. He couldn’t stop the moan that time. Yanking open the left tie of his loincloth, he freed his dick. He gripped the base, but it was too late. The simple touch meant to regain control threw him over the edge.

Grinding his teeth together, Treatise leaned over, placing his free hand on the end table. His orgasm bowled through him, sending tingles of blissful fire coursing through his blood. He aimed his prick at the floor and just held on, trembling and panting, riding out the sensations blindsiding him.

Treatise breathed harshly, struggling to get enough air into his lungs. His head swam, black spots dancing across the backs of his eyes. Shuddering, he fought to get his body back under control.

Slowly, Treatise felt his dick soften a little. He peeled open his eyelids, uncertain when he’d even closed them. Staring down at the mess he’d made, he realized he wasn’teven down to half-mast. With the scent permeating the air, he knew his arousal wasn’t going to diminish.

“H-Holy hell,” Treatise mumbled. “That was, that was intense.”

“Do you want to tell me what the fuck just happened, Treatise?” Tobias snarled. While he stepped into his line of view, he didn’t actually look at him. Instead, he stared at the picture on the wall. “You better clean that up before it stains.”

Treatise jerked a nod. Straightening, he tucked his dick into his loincloth, adjusted it, and tied it back into place. “He’s my mate,” Treatise whispered. “There’s no other explanation. Walking in here.” He finally glanced his second’s way, noting the gargoyle’s clear discomfort. “Walter hasn’t left the room in months. His scent permeates the space. It was like... liquid Viagra. A shot to the veins.”

He had no other way to explain it.

A muscle flexed in Tobias’ jaw and he jerked a nod. “Well, after you clean that up, I’ll introduce you.” He glanced Treatise’s way for a second, a half-smile curving his lips. “At least the massage will help him get used to your touch.”

Treatise nodded and turned toward the kitchenette, knowing it would be stocked with towels.

“Oh, and Treatise,” Tobias softly called, his voice just reaching his sensitive ears. Looking over his shoulder at the second, Tobias met his gaze and stated, “I don’t ever want to discuss this. Ever.