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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Breaking the Playboy's Curse

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Ten

Vail Tamang is a playboy. He's never claimed to be anything else. What he does claim is that he doesn't want a mate. The truth is a little more sinister. When he scents Draven Mansetti, Tim's half-vampire, half-warlock mentor, he realizes his worst fear has come true. Draven is his mate. Vail tries to avoid the man, but Draven manages to track him down anyway. He's left with no choice and shares a family secret. His family line is cursed. Can Draven convince Vail that some curses can be broken? Or will Vail walk away before giving them a chance?

Excerpt - Breaking the Playboy's Curse

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “You smell upset and horny. Why are you hiding in here?” Lamar asked bluntly.

Vail scowled. He didn’t particularly want to explain this to Lamar, but his friend would know if he lied. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Lamar settled on the end of the bed, his back against the footboard. He lifted one brow and tilted his head, studying him. “You haven’t been out much. That’s not like you. I know several of the guys are feeling a bit pent up from having to stay in San Francisco for so long,” he mused. His eyes narrowed as he looked at him. “But I don’t think that’s your problem, is it?”

Damn the man for being so perceptive. Lamar obviously saw a lot more than he normally let on. Vail rubbed his temple and fixed his gaze on the wall. “I think Draven is my mate,” he admitted. “I’m waiting here until he leaves.”

“Ah, I see,” Lamar murmured. “You’ve always claimed, quite vehemently, really, to not want to find your mate. I’ve never actually believed you,” he said, smirking. “Everyone wants to be loved and accepted by a partner just the way he is.”

Vail couldn’t help it. His jaw dropped. Lamar knew he’d been whistling Dixie all this time? “Do all the guys think that?” he asked incredulously.

Lamar shrugged. “Couldn’t tell you. I think some of the others definitely have their doubts.” He leveled a searching look on Vail. “Wanna tell me the real reason you’re avoiding the man? Is it because he’s a vampire? I’d think you’d enjoy the pleasure brought on by providing for your mate,” he pointed out, reminding Vail of his love of pleasure.

What would it hurt to tell him? He knew Lamar could keep a secret. And at this point, Vail wasn’t sure he wanted it a secret anymore anyway. He could feel his wolf clamoring at his insides, wanting out to find their mate. He’d need his friend’s help to keep a level head about himself. He couldn’t endanger his mate.

Letting out a deep breath, he told Lamar, “The short of it is…my family was cursed by a witch. My grandfather is alpha of my old pack. At the time, he was already mated, though it wasn’t to his true mate. He ran across a witch, Eliza, who got it in her head that she was his true mate. When he disagreed, she went after my grandmother. My grandfather drove Eliza from his territory, but as she left, she vowed that should any of his descendants dare to mate, the mate would die within a year.”

“My God, that’s quite the curse,” Lamar muttered, his eyes wide.

Vail grimaced. “At first, they thought it was foolishness. Then his eldest son took a mate. My father.” He stared at the ceiling vacantly, remembering how sad his father often was, how he’d find him staring off into the distance from time to time, and how he’d drummed into Vail’s head the importance of taking the curse seriously.

“So, what I told everyone was true, from a certain point of view.” Vail met Lamar’s concerned expression and gave him a pained smile. “I never wanted to find my mate. I never wanted to be put in that position,” he admitted, shrugging.

“Shouldn’t you at least tell Draven?” Lamar urged. “This does affect him, too,” he pointed out.

Hating how reasonable Lamar was being, Vail grimaced. “I’m not sure I can face him without wanting to jump his bones,” he mumbled. Flicking his gaze over Lamar’s surprised expression, he continued, “Come on. It’s not like I have the best track record for maintaining self-control.”

Adult Excerpt - Breaking the Playboy's Curse

    Draven’s last couple words came out a throaty growl and before Vail could respond, Draven captured his mouth again. Vail buried the fingers of one hand in Draven’s short hair and gripped his upper arm with the other. He opened willingly to his soon-to-be lover, dueling with the man’s tongue.

When Vail sucked lightly on Draven’s tongue, Draven growled into his mouth and the fingers of one hand plucked at Vail’s nipples. The bite of pain made Vail’s dick jerk. He grabbed the man and bucked, rolling them until he lay on top.

Breaking the kiss, Vail levered away from Draven and made quick work of the vampire’s clothes. Jerking the shirt over his head, and his jeans down his legs, taking the man’s shoes and socks with it. Draven made no move to help or to stop him, lying passive under him. Once he had the man naked, Vail paused and drank in the sight. The dips and ridges of Draven’s lean muscle called to him, and he wanted to trace every one of them with his tongue.

Draven smiled up at him, his eyes glowing red with lust. “Come here, Vail,” he ordered, holding out a hand.

Vail wasted no time in obeying. With his knees on either side of Draven’s thighs, he blanketed the man. He let out a low moan as their dicks rubbed together, smearing the pre-cum leaking from both their erections.

Sighing, Vail rested his forehead against Draven’s shoulder and slowly rutted against the other man, content just to feel. After suffering blue balls for the last week, and not expecting relief, to have his mate in his arms, naked and willing, was something he wanted to take a moment to treasure.

Placing open-mouthed kisses on Draven’s collarbone, Vail worked his way up his neck to his ear. He pulled the fleshy lobe into his mouth and sucked, reveling in the low grunts and groans escaping the man beneath him. Draven rocked his hips up to meet each of Vail’s thrusts and skimmed his hands over the muscles of Vail’s back.

When he reached Vail’s butt, he gripped the cheeks of his ass and used the hold to increase the force of their ruts. A second later, the tip of one of Draven’s digits fingered his pucker for a couple seconds, sending a shiver up his spine. When Draven breached his ass, sliding a finger into him, Vail moaned. Releasing Draven’s earlobe, he growled. It’d been a long time since he’d allowed anyone inside him, but his mate had made it plain what he wanted, and Vail wanted to give that to him.

He turned his head and captured Draven’s mouth in a quick kiss. Pulling away, he murmured, “Hold that thought.”