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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Capturing Autumn's Airy Breeze

An Autumn Feast Short Story

When an air dragon finishes his penance to the king, he can finally track down his mate...but he discovers he's not the only one looking for him.

Agnoroth knew Kristof Merrill was his mate the second he scented him. Letting him go after holding him in his arms, even for a brief second, had been beyond difficult. Staying away from him for almost eight months to complete his penance to the king was damn near torture. Now Agnoroth is free to find and woo Kristof. His human is understandably wary, considering the first time they'd met Agnoroth had helped kidnap Kristof's friend. Even with the mate-pull on his side, Kristof resists. Can Agnoroth make up for his lapse in judgment and earn his mate's trust?

Reader Advisory: This story follows events that happened in Melting his Fiery Heart, part of the Winter Magic anthology.

Excerpt - Capturing Autumn's Airy Breeze

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

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    For the last several weeks, Agnoroth had been watching Kristof’s movements. He knew his mate worked as a mechanic and used a motorcycle to commute. The sight of Kristof on his older model Indian always caused Agnoroth’s blood to heat and his dick to thicken.

Watching from the park bench across the street from the apartments, Agnoroth waited. He glanced at his watch and saw the time was twenty after six. Anticipation began to surge through him.

If Kristof kept with his pattern, he would be home within the next few minutes.

Agnoroth hummed as the sound of Kristof’s Indian reached his ears. Peering down the road, he watched as his mate appeared. The man’s faded jeans molded to his body, showcasing his very fine ass and his long, muscular legs.

As his mouth watered, Agnoroth rose to his feet. He kept his focus on Kristof as he exited the park and headed to the crosswalk. As Agnoroth waited for the light to change, Kristof parked his motorcycle and took off his helmet.

The way Kristof’s muscles flexed drew a groan from Agnoroth’s throat. He reached down and adjusted his growing erection as he watched Kristof unhook his backpack from the back of the bike. The beep of the crosswalk signal registered, and Agnoroth started swiftly across the street.

By the time Agnoroth reached the other side, Kristof was already heading up his walk toward his apartment building. He continued at a leisurely pace, hoping to reach his mate’s door a moment after he’d entered his home. Just before Kristof reached the stairs that led to his third-floor apartment, someone called Kristof’s name.

Agnoroth slowed his steps as he watched a tall, muscular blond man jog the last couple of steps to reach Kristof’s side. When Kristof turned his attention toward the man, a scowl curved his lips. Kristof’s eyes narrowed, and his expression darkened as he took in the man who was an inch taller and just as broad.

“What do you want, Casey?” Kristof asked, stepping back when the man—Casey—tried to reach out and touch him.

Casey smiled widely as he swept his gaze over Kristof in what was clearly a hungry manner. “Aww, don’t sound like that, Kristof,” Casey all but purred in a deep rumble. “You’ve been avoiding my calls, so I had to come by.” Once again, Casey stepped closer and reached for Kristof, resting his palm on his leather-jacket-covered arm. “I’ve missed you.”

Kristof growled softly as he turned, pulling away. “I told you we were through, Casey,” he stated, his tone beyond cold. “Take off.”

“You don’t mean that,” Casey cried, grabbing at his arm again.

“I do mean that,” Kristof countered, half-turning to face him. “All I wanted was fidelity, and you couldn’t give me that, so we’re through.”

Casey’s lecherous expression disappeared as his eyes narrowed. His features took on a hard look. “You went away for two weeks without telling me. That wasn’t my fault,” he declared. “Besides, it was just a blowjob.” Casey scoffed. “I don’t even know how you found out about it in the first place.”

“How I found out is beside the point,” Kristof growled. “And I did tell you. Now, let go of me before I—”

“Before you what?” Casey demanded, his blue eyes flashing with anger. “You gonna hit me, Kris?” His lip curled as he leaned close. “You’re not into that, remember? I am, and if you think for a second that you get to decide to walk away from me before I’m done with you, then—”

“Then you should listen to Kristof and walk away,” Agnoroth declared, unable to stand by and watch his mate be manhandled. By the time he finished speaking, Agnoroth had reached their side. “Release him now.”

Casey didn’t obey. Instead, he pinned Agnoroth with a scathing look. “Keep walkin’, fem,” he ordered, sneering. “You don’t wanna get involved in this.”

Agnoroth ignored the insult—fem, short for effeminate. He’d heard it before. Due to the fact that he was an air dragon, his voice in human form came out a surprisingly high tenor. That didn’t bother him.

What bothered him was the fact that Casey wasn’t obeying.

Fighting back his desire to unleash his claws and tear into the asshole human, Agnoroth narrowed his eyes and hissed, “I’m already involved.”

Kristof’s gasp drew both men’s attention. His mate’s dark eyes appeared wide, betraying his shock. Even his face began to pale.

Damn. Not the reaction I was hoping for.

Oh, wait. That’s a flush. And did he just glance toward my groin?


“Hi, Kristof.” Agnoroth did his best to keep his voice soothing and warm. “Sorry, I’m late.”


Upon hearing Kristof whisper his name, a deep sense of satisfaction flooded Agnoroth.

He remembers me.

“You know this guy?” Casey snapped, reminding both men of his presence.

Agnoroth lifted his hand to Casey’s shoulder and squeezed, carefully modulating his much-greater dragon’s strength. “Yes, Casey. Kristof and I know each other.” He pinned a glare on the man, letting just a little of his dragon through. “Let my boyfriend go, Casey.”

Even as the stench of fear flooded the air, Casey gave Agnoroth a belligerent smile. “Your boyfriend?” He turned to focus on him, which meant he released Kristof. “He ain’t yours, fem. He’s mine. Has been for—”

“I dumped your ass at the beginning of the year, Casey,” Kristof claimed. “I don’t belong to anyone. I’m my own man.” He pointed at Agnoroth, his dark eyes sparkling. “That means I ain’t yours, either.”

Making a mental note to watch his use of possessives, Agnoroth dipped his head in acquiescence as he used his hold to shove Casey toward the grass. “My apologies, Kristof. I’ll remember that.”

Casey must have been surprised by the force of Agnoroth’s shove, for his eyes widened. “This ain’t over, Kristof,” he declared, raising his hand and pointing at him.

Before either of them could respond, Casey spun and stalked away.

Agnoroth watched Casey until he disappeared around the corner, then turned his attention back to Kristof. Except, Kristof no longer stood there. Lifting his gaze, Agnoroth spotted his mate’s third-floor apartment door clicking shut.