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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Casey's Love Bite

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Nine

Caspian Carpathian is a nearly two centuries old vampire. He's learned to control not only his blood-lust, but his emotions as well. That's how he became the perfect diplomat for the Vampire Council. In an attempt to warn the vampire ahead of time, Caspian is sent to Stone Ridge to learn about the scientists threatening shifters. He's not prepared to come face to face with his beloved. After a rocky start, he discovers that Casey, a small, bunny shifter, fears him and his teeth. Now Caspian has to use every ounce of restraint he can manage and every seductive tactic in his arsenal to win the trust of the one man that completes him.

Casey Streusel is beyond grateful to a number of members of the Stone Ridge wolf pack. After all, they saved him from an almost certain torturous death at the hands of the scientists. Sure, Casey is still extremely skittish and deathly afraid of needles, but he'll get over that eventually, right? Discovering his mate is a blood-sucking vampire throws his newly created world completely off-kilter. He suddenly finds himself battling two sets of urges, both new to him. Can he figure out how to relinquish control to his mate and accept the pleasure he offers? Or will he give in to the desire to flee from those needle-sharp fangs?

Excerpt - Casey's Love Bite

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

Lark approached him, holding a serving platter containing several mugs as well as a small pitcher of creamer and bowl of sugar. “Since Declan said to get you coffee, I’m assuming you drink it?” the blond asked, his blue eyes showing open curiosity.

“Yes, thank you,” Caspian replied. “And I do eat food. Although I drink blood, real food is also a requirement for a vampire’s survival.”

“Oh,” Lark muttered, his face flushing.

Not really intending to embarrass the human, he smiled and moved the conversation forward. He wasn’t a diplomat for nothing. “Declan tells me the cinnamon rolls are delicious. Did you or your friend make them?” he asked cordially, not really caring about the answer as he helped himself to a mug of coffee from Lark’s tray.

“Um, no,” Lark replied, quickly regaining his composure. “A local shifter is an amazing baker and we like to keep some of his goodies at the house. His cinnamon rolls are his specialty and they really are fantastic.”

Caspian nodded slightly, looking toward the pastries on the tray held by the other man. Their sweet scent called to him on a more primitive level than he expected, and to his surprise, he felt his shaft stir. As the albino with the food stopped in front of him, the wonderful aroma hitting his senses intensified. His blood surged south and his cock wasn’t the only thing that suddenly ached. His fangs itched and a low growl rolled through Caspian’s throat as realization struck. It wasn’t the sweets that called to him, it was the shifter! This guy could very well possibly be his adorato, his beloved.

“Mine!” he snarled, dropping the cup, not caring what happened to it, and reached for the sweet-smelling man in front of him. He wrapped his hands around the small shifter’s arms, just below where they met his shoulder, careful to keep the claws that had lengthened from his nails from digging into the guy’s flesh.

A hard pull had the shocked albino stumbling forward and sprawling over his lap, the platter of cinnamon rolls tumbling from his hands and clattering gods knew where. The feel of the man’s compact body against his own had a pleased groan rumbling up his chest. Caspian’s vision hazed, giving everything a reddish tint, and he knew his eyes had turned blood red, something that happened only when a vampire fought or fed. Caspian knew which one he wanted, needed, to do right now.

Caspian buried his face in the small man’s neck, inhaling deeply. Loving the effect the scent had on his jerking shaft, Caspian placed wet, open-mouthed kisses up the man’s neck. When he reached the soft flesh behind the other man’s ear, he sucked softly. The firm body in his arms seemed to melt into him, molding against him in Caspian’s lap. A soft sigh breathed across Caspian’s ear, telling him exactly how much the shifter enjoyed the sensations he created.

Needing more, Caspian scraped his teeth down the throbbing vein. Imagining how wonderful this man would taste, this man whom he was ninety-nine percent certain was his beloved, his soul mate, had a shudder working through Caspian’s body. He couldn’t wait to confirm his suspicions. Caspian opened his mouth and suckled the pulse point of his shoulder, preparing to strike, to give the man as much pleasure as he knew he’d receive, when his cute little man was wrenched from his grip.

Caspian roared, leaping to his feet. Aware of only the visceral reaction to reclaim the albino, needing to confirm that this guy was indeed the one Fate had granted him. Caspian rushed after the alpha’s mate, who was pulling the albino out of the room.

Before he could take two steps, a massive, three hundred pound wolf drove him to the ground. The shock of having a shifter on his chest, or maybe it was the blazing pain rocking through his head from where it hit the coffee table on his way to the floor, had his bloodlust receding enough to think.

He froze under the heavy body and looked into the angry brown eyes of the wolf pinning him to the floor. The murderous glint in the intelligent eyes told Caspian one thing, he’d just royally fucked up.

Adult Excerpt - Casey's Love Bite

 “I’d like to kiss you again. Is that okay?”

The pink of Casey’s eyes seemed to deepen and he smiled. “Yes, please.”

Grinning, Caspian showed just the tips of his fangs. Pleasure filled him when Casey puckered his lips slightly and moved a hand to Caspian’s shoulder, actually asking him for the kiss he’d just asked Casey for. He closed the distance between them, going slow, giving his beloved plenty of time to get used to the idea.

He settled his lips over Casey’s and brushed against them gently, once, twice, enjoying the sensation of the shifter’s firm lips against his own. Then he fit his mouth over Casey’s more securely and flicked his tongue out, tracing the shifter’s full lower lip. The soft mewl of pleasure, coupled with the way Casey’s hand clutched the fabric of his shirt, told him that he was doing something right.

Slowly, he lapped at Casey’s mouth, delving his tongue deeper with every stroke. As he gently explored the man’s lips, he slid the hand cupping Casey’s jaw down to the back of his neck and kneaded the tendons there.

Casey groaned, sinking into his grip, surrendering to his touch. He tilted his head and opened wider, allowing Caspian free rein of his mouth, letting him explore the soft tissues there. Supporting his beloved with one arm around his back, he moved the second down his body, gently teasing one sensitive nipple through his shirt, liking how the light touch made Casey mewl and squirm. Moving on, he found firm flesh covering ribs and toned abs that quivered under his palm.

He had to fight back his own groan as he took liberties and felt his beloved’s muscular, compact body. What he wouldn’t give to lay him on the couch, peel off every scrap of clothing, and nibble every inch of the man’s body. But Caspian knew Casey wasn’t ready for that.

He gently brought the kiss to an end and almost started nuzzling Casey’s neck. Even as his beloved’s blood called to him, he knew he couldn’t get close to that yet or he’d have to start all over making up ground. He forced himself to rub his cheek over Casey’s temple instead.

Sliding a hand down to the shifter’s hip, he squeezed gently before rubbing his thumb across the crease between thigh and groin. “Adorato,” Caspian crooned, unable to completely deny his urge to touch. “May I touch you, Adorato? May I please you?”

He felt Casey’s body tense for just a split second, before he relaxed again and spread his legs just a little wider. “I—I’d like that.”

His barely whispered words made Caspian’s breath speed up. He returned his mouth to Casey’s, plunging his tongue deep into his beloved’s mouth. He quickly worked the button of the shifter’s jeans, almost afraid Casey would change his mind. Forcing himself to slow down, to show Casey how good it could be, he slipped just the tips of his fingers between the now open flaps and traced the slender prick pressing against the cotton fabric of his briefs.

Casey shuddered in his arms, a soft gasp escaping his throat to be swallowed by Caspian’s lips. He rubbed the pulsing vein of Casey’s covered dick, working the hard flesh. Groaning, Casey broke the kiss, his head dropping back against the arm of the chair as his hips bucked up, trying to get more pressure on his shaft.

Clenching his jaw to keep his aching fangs away from the pale column of flesh on display to him, he switched his gaze to Casey’s groin. With quick moves, he worked the shifter’s slender prick through the brief’s flap. He gripped Casey’s cock and stroked it firmly.

A shocked groan escaped his beloved’s throat, and his eyes snapped open, the pink irises now dark with passion, to stare at Caspian in shock. “Oh, by the gods, please do that again.”

Entranced by Casey’s open, honest responses, he gave him exactly what he wanted.