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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Catching a Bit of Irish

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirteen

Frederick Reb Drunger is accompanying his alpha and the alpha's mate on vacation. He's one of the wolves charged with protecting them as they all enjoy the sights of Ireland. He never expects to discover his mate is a human friend of the local Iris pack. That should make him easy to claim, right, since Daithi Murphy knows all about shifters. Except, Daithi already has a boyfriend, Evan, who's extremely possessive and not at all happy when Reb wants to get to know his mate. When an Irish goblin targets Reb, can he find the culprit behind the attacks and convince Daithi it's worth uprooting his life and moving to Colorado with him?

Excerpt - Catching a Bit of Irish

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “I’m sorry to interrupt, Alphas. My brother and I plan to take advantage of a day or two and go horseback riding,” he said. “You and your mate are always welcome to join us, otherwise, we’ll coordinate with Kade and Tom to make certain someone is always available if you need us,” he assured formerly.

Declan opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Lark squealed. “Horseback riding? Really? That’d be so much fun! I saw an ad about riding on the beach.” He turned to Declan. “Can we do that, too?”

His lips twitching, Declan nodded. “Of course, love. That sounds like fun.”

“Grand!” Killian said, cutting in. “One of me pack owns a riding business that offers beach rides. I’ll get ye his number.”

Reb nodded. “Thank you. That would be most appreciated.”

Killian grinned. “Yer wolf is so formal, Declan.” He winked at his mate and then turned to Reb. “Perhaps we can find someone to help loosen ye up?”

If he’d had anything in his mouth, Reb would have choked. Instead, he swallowed hard. “I—”

To his shock and relief, Reb was saved by the arrival of a staggering pair. Except, only one man seemed to be drunk. The second was desperately trying to keep his amorous boyfriend on his feet, or away from his neck. Finally, the sober guy spoke.

“I’m sorry, Alpha Killian. Thank you for having us, but it’s time we go.”

The melodious tenor had Reb’s heart speeding up and blood pooling in his groin. Licking his lips, his brows furrowed and turned to find Daithi standing just behind him with Evan leaning all over him.

Seeing the man up close, Reb didn’t know how he could ever consider the human plain. His eyes weren’t brown, they were honey gold. Muscles rippled under the skin of his arms as he struggled to keep the pair upright. And his scent - oh my god! – Reb wanted to rub against the man, roll in his sweat, and cover himself in that heady scent.


His wolf howled in his mind. It all made sense, the initial attraction, the jealousy. Daithi was Reb’s mate, and he was in a relationship with someone else!

He’d completely missed whatever conversation Daithi had with the alphas, for now the man was helping his drunken boyfriend around the house.

After quickly excusing himself, Reb followed them discreetly, stepping around chatting clusters of wolves. Timing his arrival carefully, Daithi had just tucked his drunken boyfriend into the car and closed the door. Reb tapped him on the shoulder, drawing his attention, just as he rounded the rear of the vehicle.

“Excuse me,” he murmured. He couldn’t control the way his voice dropped a bit as he was finally able to stare his mate in the eye for the first time. He held out a hand. “My name is Frederick Drunger. My friends call me Reb.”

Daithi took his hand. “Hello, Frederick. I’m Daithi Murphy.” Reb watched the human look him up and down and lick his lips. The pink tongue slid across the plump flesh, and it took every ounce of self-control in Reb not to lean down and follow the path of that tongue, suck it into his mouth, taste it. “What can I do for you?”

Daithi’s voice came off in a breathy whisper that almost made Reb moan. Pulling his head together, Reb became aware of how Daithi was tugging at his hand. Instead of releasing him, Reb tightened his grip slightly and tucked the hand against his chest.

“I’ve been told that you know everything about shifters,” he said softly.

The human frowned at where their hands were joined. His body trembled in response to the way Reb rubbed his thumb over his knuckles, caressing them. “Uh, aye,” Daithi replied almost breathlessly.

Leaning close, Reb whispered into Daithi’s ear. “I normally wouldn’t dream of poaching, but you, Daithi, are my mate. My other half. I plan to pursue you. To do whatever it takes to please you in every way possible.”

Reb lifted his free hand and stroked it gently down Daithi’s jaw, loving the feel of his mate’s five o’clock shadow. “You know what that means?” Reb asked.

Daithi’s honey brown eyes grew wide. He nodded, then shook his head.

Grinning, Reb leaned close again and brushed his lips against Daithi’s temple. “My sole purpose in life is to keep you safe and please you.” He nuzzled his mate’s temple again, inhaling the heady aroma of his scent.

His sensitive hearing picked up the click of a door lock and the passenger door swung open in his peripheral vision. “Best get going, sweetheart. I’ll see you soon.”

It was the hardest thing he’d ever done, but Reb managed to release Daithi and pull away from the human.

Adult excerpt - Catching a Bit of Irish

    “Ye’re a good man, Frederick,” Daithi whispered.

Reb chuckled. “Not everyone would agree with you.”

Daithi sank further into his mate’s embrace. He could feel the tell-tale bulge of Reb’s erection pressed against the crease of his ass. Rocking back into it, Daithi felt his own dick stiffen. “I’m not everyone, and I think yer mate’s opinion should be the only one that counts. Don’t you?”

Growling softly, Reb sucked on Daithi’s neck for a few seconds before replying. “You may have a point.” Then he returned to placing sucking kisses and gentle nips along Daithi’s tendons.

He hissed his pleasure, rocking back again. “Where do ye see this going?”

“Right now? I noticed that little cot you have below deck. That looked good, although I don’t have a problem with fucking you right here under the stars,” Reb crooned the words into Daithi’s ear.

As he spoke, Reb slid one hand down Daithi’s stomach to his groin and palmed his erection through his jeans. Daithi’s hips bucked, looking for more pressure. Reb didn’t disappoint. Daithi’s grip on Reb’s forearms tightened as his soon-to-be lover worked his fly open. He just knew he was going to leave marks on the shifter, and boy if that thought didn’t make Daithi hot all over.

Daithi moaned when Reb wrapped his calloused fingers around his hard cock and slowly stroked from root to tip. “Ah, shite. Reb!” He shouted his mate’s name when Reb flicked his thumb into his slit, sending the most wonderful sensations shooting through his stalk to settle in his balls. He felt his testicles roll in their sacs, pulling tighter and tighter with each stroke and flick to his cock and each suck and nip to his neck.

“Ah, damn it, Reb,” Daithi cursed, unable to control the bucking of his hips as desire for pleasure took over. “Gonna come if ye don’t stop,” he warned.

“Mmm, yeah,” Reb purred against his neck, sending warm gusts of wind over the sensitive hairs of Daithi’s neck. “Come for me. Come apart in my arms, mate. Show me how much you enjoy my touch,” Reb crooned, continuing to work him.

Daithi’s balls pulled impossibly tighter, his cock swelled even more, twitching and jerking in Reb’s grasp. His slit oozed pre-cum. He felt Reb’s canines scrape along his tendon, and his entire body convulsed as his orgasm swept through him. Reb’s strong arms held him steady, continuing to work him, as Daithi shuddered and moaned his pleasure.

“Gods, you smell good, Dai. Gonna lick every inch of your body. Gonna make you feel so good,” Reb promised, growling the words.

Reb shifted his grip and easily swung Daithi into his arms and carried him below deck.