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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Changing Owen's Mind

A Paranormal's Love: Book Three

At over four hundred years of age, Xavier Agueda has all but given up hope of finding his beloved, his soul mate. Then Detective Owen Hanson comes to the vampire's estate to question Xavier's coven leader's partner. Owen's blood calls to him like nothing he's scented before. When his leader learns that Owen may be his beloved, he helps Xavier plan to meet him again. It takes a couple of weeks, but finally they schedule a BBQ at a mutual friend's home, giving him the opportunity to see Owen agian.

Can Xavier convince Owen to accept the attentions of a man? And if so, how will Owen react to learning vampires exist?

Excerpt - Changing Owen's Mind

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “Wait, wait, don’t do that. You shouldn’t get up,” he said.

The second he touched the man’s chest and good shoulder to push him back down, Xavier snarled. Owen tried to pull away. Then the world spun and Owen found himself sprawled on the bed with Xavier over him, pinned by a surprising amount of strength in the guy’s lean body.

“Whoa, what—” He swallowed hard when Xavier lowered his head and ran his nose along the skin covering the tendon that ran along his neck. He started just below his ear and trailed lightly all the way to where his neck met his shoulder, then laved his tongue over that area.

Tingles spread across Owen’s skin and down his chest, making his nipples pebble. “What are you doing?” he finally managed to gasp.

“Giving us what we both need,” Xavier crooned.

The soft, warm breath across his damp skin caused the hairs of his neck to stand on end. He clutched at Xavier’s arms and tried to think of anything other than the pleasure of finally having another male’s body pressed against his own.

How did I end up like this?

Then he remembered. “Wait. Your wound. You’re injured. You’re confused.”

Xavier actually chuckled, then nipped the soft flesh of his shoulder. “You think this is my first gunshot wound? It was a through and through, handsome. A little blood and I’ll be fine.”

“A little blood?” Owen repeated dumbly. Does Xavier actually believe he’s a vampire?

“Mmm-hmm,” Xavier hummed. “Don’t worry. You’ll love it.”

Teeth that felt far sharper than they should scraped along his damp flesh. “You gonna bite me?” Why did that excite him? Why did he feel the sudden urge to beg the man to do just that? The whole situation was completely insane!

Instead of responding, Xavier did just that. He bit him.

Owen felt two sharp teeth sink into his skin. Pain shot through his shoulder and he gasped. Just as suddenly, the pain disappeared and tendrils of pleasure swept along unsuspecting nerve endings, setting them on fire. He moaned as his cock swelled even more and his testicles pulled tight.

“Holy fucking shit!” he groaned, his eyes widening in shock at the rising crest of orgasm threatening him. He scrabbled with the button of his jeans, but his figures seemed to fail him. He feared he’d come in his pants, but then another hand pushed his fingers aside, made quick work of opening his fly, and reached into his boxers.

Feeling a calloused, long-fingered hand wrap around his prick, he sucked in a shocked breath. “Uh-ugh!” he roared, losing it on the first stroke. His balls tightened flush to his body, forcing cum up his dick, spraying his chest.

Heady endorphins pinged through his system. His body twitched and shuddered through an orgasm better than anything he’d felt in…ever. “My God,” he gasped, staring at the white ceiling above him.

The feel of Xavier’s tongue lapping at his neck drew his attention. He blinked and turned his head slightly, trying to peer at the guy. “What the hell just happened?” he whispered.

Xavier lifted his head and smiled down at him, his dark eyes shining. Suddenly, confusion flashed across his face and he glanced around the room as if just taking in his surroundings.

Grimacing, Xavier flopped onto the bed next to him, lifted his good arm to cover his face, and muttered, “Shit.”