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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

Now Available at eXtasy Books!

Chimera's Calling

Gargoyles of Cuchulian: Book One

A crumbling castle was the last place Max expected to find his mate.

Maximus, the Huzza of the Cuchulian gargoyle tribe, walked into a trap. He'd planned to get information from a demon; instead, he was attacked, poisoned, and beaten. A clan-mate, arriving late to the supposed meeting, steps in and gives Max the opportunity to flee. Disoriented and only semi-conscious, he loses his way and collapses in a desolate courtyard of a ruined castle. Upon waking, Max discovers the incident may have been the best thing to ever happen to him, because hiding deep within the collapsing building, away from the prying eyes of society, he finds his mate. Now Max just needs to figure out how to claim a chimera snake shifter who's lost all hope in others.

Available Now at eXtasy Books!

Adult Excerpt - Chimera's Calling

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “Why are you doing this,” she asked while she could still think. Sure, she was cute in the girl next door kind of way, well, when she was in her human form, anyway, but why would a hunky gargoyle want her?

“Because we both want it, darling. I can smell your arousal, and I’m certain you can feel how hard you make me.”

As if to justify his claim, he rubbed his cock against her, hitting her clit, and sending lashes of pleasurable pain through her body. A low moan rent the air, and Narcissus realized it came from her. Max shoved the dishes to the other side of the table without lifting his lips from the bruise he sucked up on her neck. Lifting her easily, Max set her on the table and pulled her shirt from her.

For a second, he stared at her breasts before letting out a groan of approval. “Stunning, just as I knew you would be,” he hissed.

Almost reverently, he lifted a hand and cupped her left breast. Max tested its weight in his palm, then flicked his thumb nail over the nipple. Narcissus couldn’t stop the cry of pleasure. She arched her back, silently begging for more. “Perfect,” Max murmured before clasping her other breast in his mouth. He sucked and nipped, arousing her nipple into a tight, sensitive peak. He changed sides, offering the same treatment to her other breast.

Narcissus panted, threw her head back and shoved her breasts forward. Her pussy pulsed with need, and she thought she would die if Max didn’t touch her there soon. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him close. Rubbing wantonly against Max, she tried to find relief. Instead the burn intensified when he pinched her nipple, sending a shock through Narcissus’s body.

“Please,” she hissed, needing to feel him. To offer encouragement, she reached down and cupped his cock through the towel. Max grunted his approval, shoving his hips forward. She kneaded him through the cloth, but that wasn’t enough. Narcissus pushed the towel down his hips and gripped hot, hard flesh. Max growled, his hips bucking against her mindlessly as she stroked him.

Seconds later, Max lifted his head and pulled her hand away. “Keep doing that, and it’ll be over far too soon, darling, and I plan to savor this sweet body of yours. I’m going to make you scream,” he promised.

His words, whispered into her ear, sent shivers up and down her spine. Max swung her into his arms, impressing her with his strength. His head lowered, again capturing Narcissus’s lips. Long seconds later, she felt the bed pressed against her back as he laid her down, although she couldn’t remember feeling him moving across the room. She felt fingers at the button of her jeans and then the offending material was pulled off her legs. Max settled between her thighs. “There’s so much I want to do to you.”

He spoke the comment so softly, Narcissus wondered if Max even knew he said the words out loud. Then all ability to think fled when he lowered his mouth between her thighs and sucked her clit into his mouth. She writhed, arching off the mattress, trying to get closer. “That’s it, baby,” Max hissed, alternating between sucking and nibbling the sensitive bud of flesh. “Show me how much you like it.”

Suddenly, she felt his tongue part her folds and thrust into her pussy. She screamed at the pleasure of his invasion, and her hips rolled, thrusting her slick opening against him. “More,” Narcissus hissed. “I need more.”