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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Claiming Veronica

Gargoyles of Cuchulian: Book Two

Veronica learned paranormals were real when a rabid werewolf bit her at age nine, but no one believed her until the elves revealed their existance to the world a decade later. But that doesn't mean Veronica wants to have anything to do with them. Quite the opposite, in fact. If she never had to interact with another paranormal again, she'd only be too happy, but to make ends meet, the CPA firm she works for accepts paranormal clients.

When the gargoyle Bullox shows a special interest in her, Veronica runs the other way, right into the hands of a jealous demoness. Bullox saves Veronica, whisking her away to his clan's keep. But that doesn't mean Veronica wants anything to do with Bullox beyond his protection, right? Then why can't she keep her hands off the sexy gargoyle? And why, when she's with Bullox, does Veronica feel safe for the first time since being attacked as a child? But before answering those questions, they need to stop the demoness that wants her dead.

Now Available at Extasy Books!

Excerpt - Claiming Veronica

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    A moment later, Catherine opened Veronica’s door and ushered a man into her office. Instead of cringing, she had to keep from drooling. This couldn’t be right. The man in front of her was gorgeous. No way could he be a gargoyle. There were no horns, claws, or fangs in sight. True he stood around six feet four inches and had strong broad shoulders that tapered to a trim waist and she imagined muscular thighs under his cargo pants, and the package those pants contained had to be…

Veronica jerked her thoughts back to business and her eyes back up to his face, which did nothing to ease her lust. He had a firm, square jaw, a straight, aristocratic nose, high cheek bones, thick brown hair, and full lips she wanted to taste. His deep gold eyes were the only thing that marked him as something other than human. She forced down a blush when the mouth she stared at turned up into an amused smile, knowing she’d been caught ogling.

Veronica stood and held out a hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Bullox.” She felt pleased her voice came out so steady.

“Just call me, Bullox. Although humans do tend to put a mister in front of our names, gargoyles go by tribes. Technically, my name is Bullox of Cuchulian, but that would be a wee bit formal, don’t you think?”

Now her jaw did drop. His Scottish brogue made Veronica force back a shiver as his gold eyes locked onto hers. He continued to grin, like he knew the affect he had on her. He also still held her hand in his warm grip, his thumb caressing the back of her knuckles in slow, seductive circles. The tremble that worked its way up her spine had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with something she had no intention of naming. “You’re a gargoyle?” Veronica finally blurted out.

At that, Bullox gently released her hand and eased into a chair. “Aye. I thought ye knew that.”

Snapping her mouth closed, Veronica sat and wiped her still tingling palm on her thigh under the desk. “I’m sorry. That was very rude. You just…” She glanced away, trying to put the thought right. “You look human.”

“And that would be how we’ve stayed hidden all these centuries,” the man said smoothly. “Most of the stories told are sightings of us in battle form.”

“Oh,” Veronica frowned. “But those stories tell of tails.” Now her blush escaped. Shit, how could I have said that?

To her surprise, the big man chuckled. “Aye. Most gargoyles battle forms have tails. Some of us even have them as humans. Mine happens to be wrapped around my leg, hence the loose pants. Perhaps you’d like to see? They say seeing is believing.” Her eyes widened at Bullox’s teasing tone, and when she didn’t respond quickly enough, his grin broadened. He stood and reached for the buckle of his belt.

“No,” she practically shouted. “No.” The second one came out quieter, and she forced a smile through her fear. “That’s not necessary. Let’s just begin, if you don’t mind.”

Adult Excerpt - Claiming Veronica

    He remained silent for several moments, and she wondered if he’d answer, but then he nodded and sucked in several deep breaths. “Touchin’ a gargoyle’s horns is a verra intimate act, sweetheart,” he explained. His gaze lifted to meet her’s, and Bullox gave her a feral smile. His eyes seemed to glow as he purred, “It’s like cuppin’ my cock. There’s a hell of a lot of stimulation for me. I’d like nothin’ better than to toss ye over the end of this bed and fuck ye for days.”

The visual image sent a shiver of excitement down Veronica’s spine. She couldn’t bite back the small moan. The sound seemed to incense the gargoyle, for he gave a whole body shiver before growling low in his throat. Grabbing her waist, Bullox pulled her toward him.

For several seconds, Veronica perched precariously on the edge of the bed. Then Bullox twisted his arms, flipping her over until she rested with her stomach and elbows on the bed and her feet on the floor. Heat scorched her backside as the man leaned over her, putting his body flush to her’s from thighs to chest. “Is this what ye want, sweetness? My body against yours?” He nudged the hard length of his arousal against her ass. Even with the fabric of both his pants and her skirt between them, Veronica felt the heat of his cock against her. She pushed back instinctively, asking for something to ease the clenching of her pussy.

Snarling softly, Bullox shifted one hand around her front, cupping her uninjured breast. He pinched and rolled her nipple, entreating the bud into a hard, sensitive peak. The added stimulation of his calloused hand had Veronica arching against the hard, leathery chest behind her. She rolled her hips, moving her ass against the large, hard dick behind her, desperate to feel more.

Bullox’s other hand slipped down her stomach, sending tingling waves of sensation over her flesh. She heard and felt his breath coming in ragged gasps against her neck. “Don’t want to hurt ye, baby,” he grunted.

She knew he struggled for control, but that wasn’t what she wanted. Veronica wanted Bullox as mindless with lust as she felt. Reaching down, she pulled up the hem of her skirt, bunching it around her waist. She took his hand and pressed it against her damp panties before guiding his fingers under the lace front and sliding his thick, calloused fingers through her wet folds, her breath hitching at the contact. “Ache so bad,” she whispered, grinding her thong covered ass against him again. “Give us what we both want.”

Bullox brushed his fingers along her pussy lips, shifting aside skin to reveal the swollen bundle of nerves between her legs. The first swipe against her clit sent tremors of warmth spiraling through her body. She gasped, loving the warm sensations tingling through her. Veronica spread her legs wider to give him more room and rocked between his cock and hand.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered, her eyes sliding shut at the delicious feelings racking her body.

“If I take ye now, Veronica, I will claim ye. I’ll want no other in my bed. Do ye understand?”

The hissed words sent currents of warm air over the sensitive skin under her ear, washing her skin in goose bumps. Her womb clenched, anticipating the large cock she could feel behind her. More cream gushed out, slicking her folds and Bullox’s fingers even more. “Yes,” she hissed. At this point, who the hell cared? She’d worry about the consequences later. If she didn’t get his cock in her right now, Veronica thought she’d combust.

Then the hand caressing her clit was gone, and she whimpered. “Right here, sweetness,” Bullox assured. Seconds later, she heard the rasp of a zipper, and Bullox’s hot, hard cock slapped against her ass. Then she felt him snap her thong with a claw, and the wet fabric, hardly a barrier at all, was gone. “Brace yerself,” he ordered gruffly. “This will be rough.”

Hell, yeah! “Now,” she pleaded. “Need you now.”

“Ye got me, babe,” he growled.

She felt a fat cock head slide along the folds of her opening and pushed back as he shoved forward. Bullox’s impressive length and girth slid inside, stretching her, filling her. A sense of excitement like she’d never known rocketed through her, and she clenched her muscles rhythmically around him, loving the feeling of fullness he gave her. “Oh, god, yes,” she mewled.

“Mine,” Bullox growled against her neck.