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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Compromises For His Moose

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Eleven

When Adam Kingston decides to enjoy a cat nap in tiger form, he never thought he'd be woken by the cries of young moose shifters, nor did he expect to need to save them from a douchy wolf shifter and his buddies. The day takes a turn for the better when he's pleasantly surprised to discover the moose's brother, Noah Oleander, is his mate. Except Noah is in the closet, is the legal guardian for his two siblings, and is on the run for attacking his alpha's son. Can Adam get Noah to stick around long enough to find a way to help him? Or, will Noah decide it's easier to grab his siblings and keep on running?

Excerpt - Compromises For His Moose

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Adam returned his focus to Noah. “This is the home of Abbott Tamang,” he said, indicating the wolf shifter with his hand. “His son is part of our biker gang, so we’re guests in the pack’s territory right now. Are you all lost?”

Biker gang? What? Noah glanced from Adam to Abbott. He really didn’t want to answer the big guy’s questions, but he knew he’d have to tell them something. He watched the wolf crouch down in front of Heather, setting a bowl filled with water and several cloths by his knee. “I’m just gonna take a look at this, okay?”

Heather nodded, swallowing hard and looking away from the bite wound on her leg.

While Abbott got to work, Noah apologized. “I’m sorry for infringing on your territory. We…” He paused. Should I tell them the truth? Then he realized, as shifters, they’d know if he was lying, anyway. Shit, I’m in so much trouble. “We’re being hunted by our alpha,” Noah admitted. “I don’t want to put you in an awkward position, so as soon as Heather’s leg is cleaned up, we should probably get going.”

“The hell you’ll leave,” Adam growled.

Noah’s brows shot up and his jaw dropped as he looked at the man.

“You’re my mate,” Adam stated bluntly. “Whatever your problems are, they’re mine, too, now.”

Oh, shit! He did not just say that out loud!

Ronnie snorted. “You’re a guy. You can’t be mates.”

Adam shrugged. “I’m gay, so it works well.”

“Well, my brother’s not,” Ronnie said, snickering, although he looked a little confused. At least, it sounded like his brother didn’t seem completely turned off by the idea.

Adam stared at him, his cool green eyes intense. “You’re not? Are you bisexual?”

“Uh, are you always this blunt?” he mumbled, uncertain what to say. Noah looked at Heather to find her actually smirking at him.

“That wasn’t a no,” Adam all but crooned, stepping into his space, obviously taking advantage of his momentary distraction. “Why don’t I give you a little show and tell?”

Before Noah could even pretend to think up a response, Adam brought his hand up and cupped his jaw. The other hand settled on his hip, his calloused thumb brushing over his hipbone, making him fight back a shiver. Adam tugged him forward the couple of inches needed so the broad-shouldered shifter could press their lips together.

    Noah gasped and stiffened, which meant he inhaled the man’s spicy, musky, masculine scent. Instantly, his shaft hardened in his sweats, making them tent. Adam must have scented it, for the hand on his hip tightened, and he growled softly into Noah’s mouth as he delved deep.

Adult Excerpt - Compromises For His Moose

    Noah’s asshole clenched and released against the sensual assault. The thought of having Adam bury the thick shaft he felt rubbing against his own both thrilled him and sent a spike of fear through him.

He licked his lips and managed to grin. “Got any bad habits I should know about?”

Adam chuckled. “Oh, yeah.” He leaned forward, pausing with his lips a hairsbreadth away from Noah’s ear and whispered, “I like to drink milk straight out of the carton. Sometimes I bring greasy car parts into my hotel room. Also, getting to work on old vehicles gives me a boner that won’t quit. How about you?”

Noah imagined he could feel Adam’s grin against the flesh of his lobe. He tried to formulate an answer, but then, Adam pressed harder against his pucker and slipped one questing digit inside him. Noah gasped at the stretch and burn that felt far better than it should. His balls tightened and his dick flexed. Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t give a shit. “How about I tell you after you fuck me through the mattress?”

“Perfect.” Growling, Adam captured his lips in a feral kiss that curled Noah’s toes and set his blood on fire.

* * * *

Adam gripped his soon-to-be lover, enjoying the feel of Noah’s skin under his fingertips and the taste of his flesh on his tongue. Delicious. Closing the distance between their lips, Adam claimed Noah’s mouth, thrusting deep, mimicking with his tongue what he wanted to do to with his dick.

Moaning, Adam tightened his arm around Noah’s torso. He rolled his hips, grinding his aching dick against Noah’s. He couldn’t remember ever being this hard, needing this much. He slipped his finger deeper into the space he desperately wanted to bury his cock.


Shit, too far. Gotta take the edge off.

He was desperate for relief and knew from the low noises Noah made, he must be, too.

Wiggling his finger, Adam searched for that magic button within every male. He knew when he found it. Noah yanked his mouth away, threw his head back, and groaned low in his throat. The sexy sound went straight to Adam’s dick, oozing and twitching.

Adam released Noah’s torso and shoved down the front of his mate’s sweats then yanked open his jeans, freeing both their cocks. He wrapped his hand around them, pressing the sensitive flesh together, and stroked. Leaning forward, Adam planted one foot and levered up, using his mass to press the more slender man into the cushion of the chair. He once again claimed his mate’s mouth.

Drinking in his lover’s sounds, Adam jacked their cocks. He swiped his thumb over their heads, using the pre-cum to ease his way. His balls pulled tight and he fed his lover a moan or two of his own.

Noah’s fingers dug into his upper arms where he gripped Adam tightly. He used his hold to buck his hips, driving his cock through Adam’s fist. Adam grunted, loving that his mate took what he so freely offered, and pressed against Noah’s prostate hard. Noah stiffened, mewling into his mouth. The sexy shifter’s cock thickened in his hand and pulsed, shooting stream after stream of seed between them. His ass clamped down on Adam’s finger and he imagined it was his cock buried in that hot death-grip.

His balls turned inside out and he came, adding his own seed to the mess. Shuddering, he wrenched his mouth away from Noah’s and tucked his forehead against his neck. Adam inhaled deeply, enjoying the combined scent of his mate and their spilled seed.

He smiled when he realized neither one of their shafts had gone down. Lifting his head, Adam looked into Noah’s deep brown eyes. He grinned and stroked their cocks slowly, loving the shiver that worked through the man’s system

Hell, yeah.

    “That was just a precursor,” he crooned.