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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Dreams of a Wombat

A Paranormal's Love: Book Twenty-Nine

Into the Paranormal World: Out for a jog, a cougar shifter stumbles across a discovery that will change his life.

A couple of years before, Virgil McBride's life changed...for the better. He'd been working as a ranch hand at a cattle ranch in Texas while hiding the fact that he was a cougar shifter. Then his boss brought home a gargoyle mate. It didn't take long for staff to transition, wheedling out those humans who weren't trustworthy. Virgil loves his new freedoms, allowing him to shift and explore the ranch in animal form. While out running as a cougar, Virgil scents something amazing, and he realizes his mate is near. Searching out the source, he finds something he's never seen before...and it isn't the dilapidated hunting stand. Virgil meets Shaw, a wombat shifter. Even though he assures his mate that he would be welcome at the ranch, Shaw isn't convinced. After learning why--the beta of Shaw's wombat wisdom is claiming him as his mate--Virgil realizes he's not going to be able to fulfill his wombat's dreams on his own. Can Virgil win Shaw's trust enough to get the help they need to free his mate and give them a future?

Excerpt - Dreams of a Wombat

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Reaching the trees, Virgil slipped between them. He put thoughts of his past behind him and glanced around the area. As a shifter, Virgil didn’t have much of a modest bone, but he didn’t want to inadvertently flash a guest. He hadn’t heard of anyone bringing someone to the ranch, but he figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Once Virgil was certain no one was out for a walk with an unsuspecting friend or significant other, he kicked off his flip-flops, whipped his t-shirt over his chest, and shoved his sweatpants down his legs. With the fabric pooling at his feet, he crouched in the grass. He sighed deeply, then called to his cat.

The change flowed through Virgil swiftly. His skin tingled as his fur grew. He felt a zing shoot through his butt, telling him his tail formed. The crack, snap, and pop filled his ears as his body shifted forms.

Virgil let out a soft chuff as he stretched his paws before him. Arching his back, he adjusted to his new shape. He peered through the trees, his keen feline eyesight spotting things he’d missed in human form.

Animal tracks left by a rodent caught his attention. His stomach gurgled just a little, reminding him that he hadn’t eaten dinner. While Virgil didn’t have to eat while in cougar form, he enjoyed the occasional hunt and had skipped the meal in anticipation of finding something to satisfy him as a feline.

Licking his lips, Virgil padded toward the sign and sniffed.

A squirrel.

That’ll make a tasty snack.

Virgil sniffed again and decided the sign was too old. He began padding through the forest, searching for something more recent. It didn’t take him long to scent a hare.

Mmmm…even better.

Mindful of each step he took, he avoided fallen leaves and twigs. He eased under branches and around trees. The scent grew stronger, and his mouth watered.

As Virgil slipped around a tree, he spotted the animal. It was ten feet away, half hidden by a bush. The fluffy white tail and brown rear end taunted Virgil, and he bit back a growl of excitement.

Crouching, Virgil prepared to launch at the animal. He could leap over the bush and land on the unsuspecting critter. One quick bite to its neck and it would be over.

Then I can enjoy its warm, succulent flesh. I—wait. What’s that?

A new smell tickled Virgil’s senses. He tipped his nose up and inhaled again. Desire of a different nature surged through his body, arousal beginning to simmer through his veins.

What the hell?

Virgil felt his groin warm, and his penis thickened, threatening to slide from his sheath. He sat up, the hare forgotten. Having never been aroused while in cat form, confusion flooded him.

Looking around, Virgil took in the area he hunted. He’d explored every inch of the ranch and beyond, and he knew there was a stream downwind. A hunting cabin stood to the east, and there were plenty of tasty wild berries growing throughout the woods.

None of those things created the delicious aroma teases his senses.

Inhaling once more, Virgil processed the slightly musky, earthy scent. His mouth watered for a new reason as the fire in his veins increased. He shook his head, trying to clear his mind.

Having smelled wild cougar females in heat, Virgil knew that wasn’t the cause. He’d also never been tempted by them. The source of this smell, however, Virgil felt his instincts screaming at him to track it down and fuck the owner, regardless of who or what caused it.


The answer came to him like a smack upside his head.

I must be smelling my mate!

Virgil rose to his feet and started forward, startling the hare in the process. Dismissing the fleeing creature, he followed the new scent trail. He didn’t have to go far until he spotted a hunting stand high up in the branches of a big pine tree.

The scent seemed to be drifting from there.

Never had Virgil been so happy to be a cat. Several of the rungs were missing in the ladder that had been nailed into the tree. Climbing in human form, while doable, would have been a pain.

With a leap, Virgil sank his claws into the bark of the trunk. He easily scaled the tree. Ducking under the railing, he settled on the platform.

Virgil scanned the space expectantly, eager to discover the source. What he found gave him pause. He cocked his head, trying to decide what he was looking at.

It was an animal, but Virgil didn’t know what kind. It had brown fur, and from the body shape, it reminded him of a giant mole. With the way it was curled up, he couldn’t be sure how long or how large it actually was.

Creeping closer to the animal, Virgil noticed the underlying scent of earth and shifter and male musk. He licked his lips and chuffed a pleased rumble. His excitement climbed higher, and it took every bit of his self-control to keep from springing wood in feline form.

The noise must have roused the shifter, for he stirred.

Shock hit Virgil’s system when the other male made an alarmed cry and lunged away from him. His instinct to hunt mixed with his need to soothe his clearly frightened mate. Jumping forward, Virgil tackled the smaller animal.

Purring, Virgil nuzzled the back of the shifter’s neck. He licked along his fur, enjoying the taste of him. To his pleasure, the male froze for one heartbeat, then two, before it snuffled, perhaps scenting him.

That was fine by Virgil, but he didn’t stop his ministrations. The more he groomed the shifter’s animal body, the more he began to smell like him. His possessive instincts flared, and Virgil decided he wasn’t going to quit until every last inch of the smaller male carried his scent.