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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Freeing Demitri's Wolf

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Seventeen

Demitri Vinetti knows his parents believe his claim that he's gay is an act of rebellion. But when Demitri scent Kiernan Wabinaw at the diner where he works, and the human keeping coming back again and again, he's certain he's found his mate, a male mate, proving Fate's on his side. Getting advice from friends, Demitri digs deep for courage and asks Kiernan on a date.

Kiernan is shocked and flattered that such a handsome young man would take an interest in him, especially since his forty-fifth birthday is just around the corner. He's been fantasizing about Demitri since first spotting him at the diner a couple of weeks ago, and he's happy to take him up on his offer.

When Kiernan learns that Demitri's parents beat him for going on a date with him, he discovers protective instincts he's never known before. But the fact that Demitri's less than half his age and his parents are abusive is only the first of many shockers. Will Kiernan be able to accept that shifters exist? Or will Kiernan chalk Demitri up as too much trouble and run the other way?

Excerpt - Freeing Demitri's Wolf

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “So, what do you do for fun?” Kiernan asked once their food had arrived and Peter disappeared again.

Demitri paused where he was cutting his steak, looked up and answered, “Hiking. I love hiking. There’s nothing better than getting out in the mountains and exploring.”

“Are you familiar with this area?” Kiernan used a fork to pull off a large chunk of meat from the fall-off-the-bone ribs and stuck it in his mouth.

For just a second, Demitri wished his tongue was that fork and being licked and sucked like it was the greatest treat. Mentally shaking himself, he nodded. “Yeah.”

Over the last couple years, running had been his way of getting away from his parents. Once, while in wolf form, he’d been caught by some environmentalists, but he’d been rescued before they could take him out of the forest. He wasn’t certain what deal the pack beta, Shane, had made with them—probably for information—but eventually they’d been let go.

Demitri tried not to think about the pass he’d made at fellow wolf shifter, Manon Lemelle, an enforcer in the pack. He’d had a crush on him for months after being rescued by the Cajun. Manon had kindly turned him down. It had been for the best.

“I want to be a park ranger,” he blurted, then blushed. He’d only told a few people about his desire.

“Really? Do you know much about what they do?” Kiernan scooped up some mashed potatoes, then rested his forearm on the table and said, “I know there are a number of national forests around here. Are they hiring?”

Demitri nodded. “I don’t have the necessary degree right now, though. My friend, Nick, is a park ranger, and he’s helping me pick classes.” He grinned, excitement flooding him as he remembered talking to the pack tracker about it. “He says maybe I could get hired on as an intern this summer. He helped me fill out an application for that and said he’d put in a good word for me.”

He flushed and returned his gaze to his plate, cutting into his meat again, he quickly took a bite. He hadn’t told too many about his desires, yet, and he sure didn’t want his parents to find out. They were encouraging him to look for school in Denver. He didn’t know why.

“Most young people want to get away from small town living,” Kiernan commented. “I take it you plan on sticking around then?”

“Oh, yes,” he replied. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Kiernan nodded and smiled at him.

Demitri smiled back. It suddenly occurred to him that the man was probably trying to confirm his earlier statement, which was that he wanted something permanent. He understood the human’s hesitation. There was quite a difference in age and experience between them.

Trying to think of something to fill the silence, he nibbled his bottom lip for a second. He caught Kiernan staring and smiled. “Why’d you move here?” He felt the heat of a blush work its way up his neck at the forward question.

“Work,” Kiernan replied, his gaze roving over Demitri’s face and down his shirt covered chest, which only made him flush even more. Heat lit Kiernan’s pale blue eyes, turning them almost silver. “I wanted out of the city, and one of the local construction companies had an opening for a foreman.”

Demitri nodded. “Right, because Gus left.” He hadn’t known the rhino shifter well, but he knew Gus had been mated to a gargoyle. They’d moved south to join a gargoyle clutch.

“You know about that?”

Shrugging, Demitri pointed out, “Small town. Everyone knows just about everything.”

“Ah, still getting used to that.”

Demitri nearly jolted in his seat when a sock-clad foot rubbed against his calf.

Kiernan smirked warmly, obviously knowing he’d surprised him. “So, I guess that means you’re okay with being paired with an older man?” he crooned.

He licked his lips as he body flushed hot. “A sexy silver fox like you?” he murmured, taking a stab at being coy. “What’s not to like?”

Suddenly, the foot was gone, as was the mirth in Kiernan’s beautiful silver-blue eyes. Demitri wondered if it was something he’d said. “In the spirit of sharing, that would be my ex-wife,” Kiernan revealed. “I figure you should know that I’ve been married, have a daughter, and I’m pretty damn set in my ways.”

Oh! Wow!

Adult Excerpt - Freeing Demitri's Wolf

    “Are you hungry? I made deviled eggs and could add a sandwich or eggs if you need something.”

Demitri’s lips curved into a smile, his eyes gleaming mischievously. “How about just the deviled eggs…in bed?”

“Mmm,” Kiernan hummed. “I do like the sound of that.” His cock liked the sound of that, too. Ever since seeing and touching the man’s lean naked form, he’d wanted to do plenty to the man.

It didn’t take him long to make the drive home. Stone Ridge was a small town, after all. He led the way into his small home, all the while trying to figure out the best way to get Demitri into his bed. Maybe the direct approach? Demitri had always responded well to that in the past.

Once inside, Kiernan grabbed Demitri’s arm in a gentle hold and turned him to face him. “I really want to make love to you,” he whispered. Okay, so that hadn’t been exactly what he was thinking, but now that he’d said it, he knew the truth of his words. “Will you let me?”

Demitri sucked in a quick breath, his eyes dilating with desire. “Yes, please,” he responded breathily.

Kiernan grinned.

“Can I shower first, please? I smell like the diner.” He grimaced and glanced away. “Grease and French fries.”

Chuckling, Kiernan ducked his head and inhaled deeply. Demitri was right. Kiernan could definitely smelled that on him, although he could still detect the man’s natural woodsy scent. “Yep, though I think it’s quite sexy on you,” he teased.

Demitri blushed. “Thanks a lot.”

Laughing some more, Kiernan slid his hand down to Demitri’s hip and squeezed lightly. “Head on up and help yourself to the bathroom. I’ll grab the deviled eggs.”

Nodding, Demitri tilted his head and leaned forward. Kiernan knew what he wanted and happily granted him a kiss, swirling his tongue deep into Demitri’s mouth, tasting cinnamon and male, making him realize the guy must have chewed a piece of gum before leaving work.

When Kiernan released him, Demitri turned on his heel and bounced up the stairs. Kiernan grinned after him, looking forward to what was to come. Using the downstairs bathroom, he quickly brushed his teeth and washed up, then he grabbed the plate of eggs and headed upstairs.

After setting the plate on the nightstand, Kiernan quickly shucked his clothes and pulled on a pair of silk sleep pants. He grinned at the comfortable sleepwear, wondering what his construction buddies would say if they saw him now. Deciding he really didn’t care, Kiernan lounged on the bed and waited.

He listened to the water and remembered how Demitri looked naked and wet. How it felt to run his hands over those sleek muscles and that high, firm ass. His cock filled at his memories, and he reached down and palmed his dick through the thin material. He could soap up his lover’s hole, stretching the tight ring. Then he’d—

“You need some help with that?”

Snapping open eyelids Kiernan hadn’t realized he’d closed, he found the object of his lust standing five feet from the foot of the bed, a towel wrapped around his waist. Droplets of water Demitri had missed glistened on his hairless chest, and desire seemed to make his green eyes glow.

It took all his self-control, but Kiernan managed to stop rubbing his dick. His eyes narrowed on the object of his lust as his natural dominance in the bedroom kicked in and he softly ordered, “Drop the towel, Demitri. Let me see you.”

    For just a second, Kiernan thought he’d gone too far, then Demitri gripped the towel in one long-fingered hand and pulled it loose, letting it drop to the floor. Kiernan noted the way Demitri’s mouth opened slightly, panting softly, and how his face and neck flushed with arousal.