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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

Now Available at Extasy Books!

Melting his Fiery Heart

Part of the Winter Magic Anthology

Winter holiday festivities suddenly turn steamy when a young man is taken to bed by a fire dragon.

Riley Wisner is super excited for his holiday vacation at the family home of Benjamin Sturgis, his best friend's significant other. Loving the snow, he looks forward to ice fishing, sledding, and tubing. Plus, Ben is really a dragon, and he has several brothers. Riley can't wait to meet more dragons. So very cool! Meeting Dagskon Sturgis, Ben's brother, Riley gets more than he bargained for. The fire dragon is hawt...and hot-headed, claiming Riley is his mate and carrying him off...literally. While fun between the sheets is always welcome, Dagskon has pissed off the wrong people. Can Riley survive the fire when Dagskon's past actions bring danger to his vacation?

Excerpt - Melting his Fiery Heart

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Riley took his duffel bag and swung the strap over his shoulder. “Can you believe this place?” he whispered, leaning close to his buddy. Tipping his head back so he could stand on his toes, Riley murmured, “I bet they have an indoor pool, and I totally didn’t bring my suit.”

Kristoff grinned widely. His dark eyes twinkled with mirth as he tipped his head down and whispered back conspiratorially, “We’ve skinny dipped before.”

Barking a laugh, Riley shoved at his friend. “Ass.”

“And a fine one.” Kristoff bumped his shoulder into Riley’s. “Come on. It’s freezing out here. What do you say to warming up, then finding that tubing hill Ben told us about in the SUV?”

“Hell, yeah!” Riley loved anything snow related. “Ben’s already ordered the hot cocoa, so it shouldn’t take much.”

“Yeah, we’ll be back to freezing our asses off in no—” Kristoff paused, his mouth snapping closed.

Riley understood why. The unmistakable sound of a motorcycle filled the early afternoon air. Turning, Riley stared in shock as a motorcycle that was clearly built for speed appeared around the driveway’s bend.

“Damn.” Kristoff snorted. “Talk about freezing your ass off.” Crossing his arms over his chest, he shook his head. “Who the hell in their right mind would drive a motorcycle during the winter in Minnesota?”

Opening his mouth, Riley intended to respond with a witty quip. Except, right then the flashy red motorcycle rolled to a stop and the leather-clad rider put a foot down, straightened, and flipped up his visor. Riley lost his breath for the second time in only a few minutes.

The stranger, in a word, was fucking stunning.

Riley could only see half his face. His narrow straight nose, high cheekbones, and deep hazel eyes gave him an aristocratic appearance. The greenish-brown eyes danced with mirth as he took in the gathering.

“Dagskon!” Ben greeted, striding across the paved driveway. “Still riding around on that damn crotch rocket, I see.”

Ben didn’t wait for a response. Instead, he grabbed the other man, Dagskon, right off the bike and hauled him into a hug. Dagskon returned the embrace.

Then Dagskon stepped away, taking off his helmet and revealing a huge white-toothed grin, plus thick shaggy orange-blond hair that almost appeared to be a glowing halo around the sexy man’s head.

Holy fuck! Did I just think that?

“Of course, big brother,” Dagskon responded, setting the helmet aside. “No finer way to travel on streets built by humans.” Then his eyes narrowed as he leaned close and sniffed none-too-subtly. He hummed as he straightened, his eyes narrowing. “And there are some interesting new scents on you, Ben.”

Ben’s lips curved into an amused smile. “Oh, really?” He swept his gaze over Riley and his friends, since Cory had crossed to join them. “We might be a little rank to a dragon’s nose, seeing as we’ve been cooped up in my car for the last four-plus hours.”

“Ah, I finally get to meet your mate. And these are his friends?” Dagskon’s thin lips curved into a sensuous smile. “One of them smells divine.” He glanced toward his parents and waved. At the same time, Dagskon began stalking toward them with a long-legged, hip-rolling gate. “Sorry, Mom, Dad. Talk to you in…mmmm…a while.”

Dagskon stopped before Riley, pinning him with a hungry gaze. “My, my, my…aren’t you a gorgeous thing?”

He brazenly rested his hands on Riley’s neck, the warmth from his palms causing him to shiver. Riley was too stunned to move as Dagskon dipped his head and pressed his lips to Riley’s temple. The light brushing of his warm lips caused a tremor to shiver through him.

“What is your name, gorgeous?”

“I-I’m Riley.” Riley swallowed hard, trying to get moisture to his suddenly too-dry throat. “Riley Wisner.”

“Mmmm, Riley Wisner. A friend of my brother’s mate.” Dagskon lifted his head a little and met Riley’s gaze. He cocked his head as his eyes narrowed. His nostrils flared while he swept his gaze over Riley, his hazel eyes darkening with heat. “A human who knows about the paranormal. Perfect.”

“Uh, what?” Riley attempted to tug from the uber-hot guy’s hold and take a step backward, but Dagskon wouldn’t let him go. In fact, he moved closer, sliding his left arm down to wind tightly around Riley’s waist. Scrambling for something to say, anything, Riley asked, “Wh-Why perfect?”

“Because you, pretty human, are my mate.”

“What?” Riley squeaked.

But Dagskon didn’t answer. Instead, the sound of tearing fabric ripped through the crisp air, and a pair of massive red wings appeared behind him. Dagskon wrapped Riley in his arms, tugging him close.

A second later, Riley found himself flying through the air. He opened his mouth to scream, but everything went black.