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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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More than Patient

A Loving Nip: Book Four

Just a little love bite: Patience is a virtue...until someone's life is on the line.

Garner Vorzman suspects that his beloved--the other half of his soul--is none other than Brock Sanchez. While everyone considers the human an all-around good guy, he is also a womanizing playboy. Having spent almost one hundred years in the military, Garner draws on his knowledge of strategy. He uses the levity of the coven Christmas party to his advantage and seduces Brock. Unfortunately, the human runs from their connection. Hoping if he leaves Brock alone he will come to crave what they'd shared, Garner waits for months. He runs out of time when drinking blood from other donors becomes nearly impossible. Angry at the human's apparent obstinateness, Garner tracks Brock down and issues an ultimatum. Give them one dalliance every other week so Garner can draw the blood he needs, or their one night stand will no longer remain a secret. If Brock agrees, can Garner turn the strong-arm tactic into something that will win the man's affection?

Excerpt - More than Patient

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “I thought they’d never leave.”

Upon hearing the smooth tenor voice, Brock jerked around in his seat. He slammed his knee into the box where he’d placed his beer and made a wild grab for it when it tipped. He barely caught it, still sloshing the brew across his hand.

Brock stared up at the intruder.

“Garner?” Brock’s mouth suddenly went dry upon seeing the vampire. While paler and thinner than he remembered, Garner’s dark eyes were just as intense and his lean angular features just as appealing. Even the look of his slicked-back, shoulder-length blond hair called for Brock to run his thick fingers through it and mess it up. “What are you doing here?”

The vampire’s eyes narrowed. He stalked toward Brock, his gaze looking around the box-cluttered space. When he reached a reclining chair, he eased onto it. His long, slender fingers slid over the leather on the arms of the chair, almost in a petting motion. For an instant, Brock found himself wishing he were that leather.

Fixing his gaze on Brock, Garner stared at him with the intense, hazel-eyed gaze he’d come to recognize as one of assessment. He seemed to see beneath Brock’s façade, into his mind and soul.

Brock felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up with a combination of uneasiness and desire.

“I had been waiting for you to return to the coven’s estate, Brock,” Garner rumbled gruffly. “Why have you been avoiding the place?”

Brock placed the last of his pizza on the coffee table, as well as his beer bottle, and rubbed his jean-clad thighs. He tried to ignore the instant sizzle of arousal that coursed through his system. Swallowing hard, Brock racked his tired mind for an appropriate response.

“I think you know why I’ve avoided the place,” Brock finally whispered. Still, he couldn’t keep from adding, “You knew that I was straight when you took me to your bed. Why would I purposefully plan to redo that?”

Garner growled softly. His eyes narrowed as he leaned forward in his seat. “You know why you should have returned,” he snarled. “We were amazing together.”

“But you’re a fucking guy!” Brock roared, his frustration with not the situation but his own inability to perform in the last several…months…getting to him. He leaped to his feet and stalked across the room. He stopped before the seated man and pointed a finger at him. “I don’t know what the fuck you did to me, vampire, but shit like this ain’t funny.”

Straightening in his seat, Garner’s nostrils flared and his eyes began to glow red. He reached up and grabbed Brock’s wrist in a strong, loose hold. “I remember you did me,” Garner purred huskily. “I did not do you, but I sure as hell want to Brock. Maybe that’s what you need.” Rising from the chair, Garner entered Brock’s space. He pressed his thighs and groin against Brock’s own, using his grip on his wrist and a strong arm around his back to keep him from backing away. “Maybe you need a good pounding in the ass to remind you of what we have together.”

Brock’s blood flowed south, filling his dick so fast he felt lightheaded. His asshole clenched instinctively, but he didn’t know if it was in anticipation or fear. His mouth went dry and his body felt on fire everywhere they touched.

Swallowing hard, Brock tried to get some moisture to his too-dry throat. It didn’t work, so he licked his lips. Upon seeing how Garner’s gaze lowered to his mouth, Brock froze. He knew that look, even on a man.

Garner intended to kiss him.

When Garner’s hand on his back slid up to grip the nape of Brock’s neck in a firm hold, Brock wasn’t certain what he should do. He was fairly certain he could wrench away from the man. Why wasn’t he then? Did he want Garner to kiss him?

“You’re thinking way too hard, Brock,” Garner crooned. “Close your eyes and relax. Just breathe.”

As Garner spoke, he closed the distance between their faces. Brock found himself doing exactly as the other man said. He closed his eyes and tried to relax.

Upon the first touch of Garner’s lips—just a feather-light touch—a shudder racked through Brock’s body. Need and desire and arousal all swirled through him. The feelings had been so long absent, Brock almost felt overwhelmed.

Garner’s dry lips pressed more firmly against Brock’s own. Brock welcomed the pressure, the glide of lip on lip. When Garner nipped his bottom lip, he immediately gave the man what he knew he wanted, access to his mouth.

Brock felt Garner thrust his tongue into his mouth, sliding it against his own. The vampire’s mobile appendage took ownership of him, mapping his cavity with sure, sensual movements. Using the grip he had on Brock’s nape, Garner urged Brock to tilt his head.

Not being in control of the kiss was a new experience for Brock. The sensations coursing through his body as the heat of arousal transferred straight to his cock. His dick pressed insistently against his fly, aching with each beat of his heart. He rocked his hips forward, desperate for friction, and found Garner’s answering erection up and ready for him to slowly rut against.

Finally, breathing became paramount.

Brock turned his head, breaking the kiss. He gasped for breath, his chest heaving. Feeling Garner’s mouth latch onto his neck and suck strongly at his pulse point, he let out his newly acquired air in a loud moan.

Garner released his hold on Brock’s wrist and moved it to his ass. He gripped his cheek and pulled him even closer, applying more pressure to Brock’s trapped dick. It was then Brock realized, at some point, he’d moved his other hand to Garner’s hip and he was digging his fingers into the lean man. Almost on instinct, he did the same with his other, clutching at the vampire.

While Brock had had mixed feelings about doing this again with Garner, now that he was in the vampire’s arms, he couldn’t remember why he’d been fighting so hard.

This feels fan-fucking-tastic.

Brock ground against the other man. He rocked his hips forcefully and dug his fingers harder into the vampire’s hips. Almost drunk with the knowledge that he wasn’t going to hurt the man or scare him with his need, Brock gave himself over to it.