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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Securing the Jackal's Revenge

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Two

Out of the Cage: After a job meant to secure his brother's freedom fails, a jackal shifter finds aid in the most unlikely of places.

Ranger Kinzington just wanted to help his brother, Yannis, out of a jam. To do that, he made a deal with the devil--his boss, Councilman Krakow. Everything goes to hell in a handbasket--fast--and he ends up on the wrong side of a huge pack of wolf shifters...and a demon! Taken to the pack house for questioning, Ranger just knows he's facing certain death. His terror is only exceeded by his sadness that his failure could also mean the death of his brother. To Ranger's shock, his interrogation and torture is interrupted by a stranger--a shifter claiming to be his mate--a shifter who isn't even a wolf. Ashton is an American kestrel shifter--a small raptor who's an alpha in his own right. While Ranger appreciates that Ashton seems willing to fight on his behalf, even if he can clear up the mess with the wolves, how can he manage to save his brother and find a life with his male mate, too?

Excerpt - Securing the Jackal's Revenge

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

I failed. My brother is going to be killed.

No. No, there’s still hope.

Not for him, though. Ranger Kinzington knew that. He’d been caught in Stone Ridge wolf territory with a group of other wolf and jackal shifters. He was part of a team assembled to assassinate Councilman Granis and frame the Stone Ridge wolf pack. The local wolves had figured that out, too.

He’d been taken to a tiny room in the basement of the alpha’s home for interrogation. There were no windows in the room, so in order to get away, he’d have to overpower a wolf shifter far more powerful than himself, plus the asshole, sadistic human who was torturing him. After that, he’d have to make it upstairs and through the alpha’s home, which probably had plenty of other shifters in it, then somehow get out of wolf territory…and far, far away.

There was no way he’d manage any of that.

Ranger realized it was either him or his brother, Yannis. His brother had found his mate, his future. He could raise pups and carry on their family line. Yannis would have love and companionship.

I just have to—

“I don’t think he’s even paying attention, Injun,” the Caucasian male commented blithely. “Do you really think two broken fingers could distract him so much?”

Blinking twice, Ranger fought against the pain radiating through his right hand. He had no idea how the human had known that it was his dominant hand, but the human had. With how hard it was for a shifter to break a bone, he wouldn’t have believed a human could snap one of them, but the guy standing across from his had…with ease.

What would it take to get the guy to snap my neck?

Curling his lip, Ranger glared at the human. “I’m paying attention. I just don’t have anything to say to you, faggot. You cock sucking abominations make me sick. I ain’t tellin’ you nothing.” The words he spoke caused his stomach to churn. In truth, he didn’t have a problem with gays. He just needed—he cut off that line of thought. “Go ahead and break every bone in my body. You’ll still get nothin’. You may as well kill me now.”

The Native American wolf enforcer, the one the Caucasian called Injun—but surely that wasn’t his name—growled low in his throat. His eyes narrowed. He even took a step forward menacingly.

Ranger’s heart tripped in his chest.

Was this it? Gods, I’m not ready to die, but I have no choice.

Suddenly the wolf shifter straightened. His brows furrowed, and his nostrils flared. He focused on the Caucasian and offered a sharp shake of his head, his long, black hair sliding over his shoulders.

What—oh shit!

“Interesting,” the Caucasian mused, his cool hazel eyes glittering. “Maybe it’d be better for us to cut off your balls and return you to your employer.” He reached over and picked up a knife lying on a nearby dresser. He rubbed his thumb along the blade, appearing to check the edge for sharpness. “Do you think Councilman Krakow would be happy to see you?”

Ranger couldn’t help it. He could feel the blood drain from his face. His eyes widened as he glanced between the pair, and his heart raced in his chest.

While Ranger was like any man, fearing the idea of being castrated, that wasn’t what caused his pulse to spike. He had no idea how the pair knew it was Councilman Krakow who had been behind the assassination attempt. Who could have told them?