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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Snaking the Tiger

Shifter's Regime: Book Seven

Keeping the Peace: On an errand to help his brother, a tiger shifter runs into a huge the form of a male mate.

The last thing Sage Kanston wants to do is go to the Shifter Council Headquarters to help his older brother, Glade. He hadn’t been on good terms with him…ever. While growing up, Sage remembered Glade to be a bully, and that trait hadn’t changed when he’d been a pride enforcer. Sage doubted it had varied when he became a council enforcer, either. Still, he likes keeping his momma happy, so to the Council Headquarters he goes.

When the enforcer sent to escort Sage to Glade’s boss arrives—some guy named Mycroft—he’s hit with a scent he never expected. Germaine Messalla, the tall, slender, anaconda shifter, is his mate. His world is turned upside down because his pride always told him same-sex fated matings didn’t happen. To make matters even more confusing, Sage learns that a couple of councilmen are in fated gay pairings. So many things he’d been taught…just aren’t true.

As Sage comes to grips with the changes in his reality, allowing him to accept Germaine, he realizes others in his pride could benefit from what he’s learned. Except, there are those attempting to keep the changes on the council secret. Can Sage and Germaine uncover who’s still attempting to keep certain things under wraps so he can help his pride?

Excerpt - Snaking the Tiger

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “Your destination is in one hundred yards on the left.”

    Sage shook his head upon hearing the GPS's directions, realizing he really needed to focus. Driving distracted was dangerous. As he turned into the driveway and stopped at the gate, he wondered if he should have stopped and gotten a hotel room first. It probably would have been wise to clean up.

    Too late.

    Leaning out the window, Sage pressed the call button.

    “Yes?” a deep voice immediately responded.

    “I’m Sage Kanston,” Sage replied, speaking into the box. “I’m here to meet with Head Enforcer Mycroft Portent in regards to my brother, Glade Kanston.”

    Sage fought back a cringe, hating that he had to parley on behalf of a man who’d always been a bully to him, brother or not. Still, his mother had pleaded with her expression from over his father’s shoulder. She didn’t want her eldest to be punished or worse, not if something could be done about it. Seeing as Sage figured there was more to the story than what he’d been told about Glade’s actions—his brother had always been an overbearing bully, but he’d also been a stickler for rules—he owed it to his mother to try to find out.

    “Do you have an appointment?” the disembodied voice asked.

    “Yes, sir,” Sage replied respectfully.

    “Just a moment.”

    Sage waited patiently, tipping his head back and enjoying the fresh afternoon air, which held just a touch of early-spring chill. The scents of flowers, trees, and grass filled his nostrils. Tipping his head to the side a little, Sage closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moment.

    When Sage’s tiger rumbled in his mind again, he smiled, mentally promising his animal that he would find a place to stretch their legs as soon as possible.

    The rumble of the gate opening caused Sage to open his eyes.

    “Take the right fork and enter the underground parking structure,” the voice ordered. “Visitor parking is to your immediate left. Wait with your vehicle, and an enforcer will be there to escort you.”

    “Thank you, sir.”

    Sage wondered how serious Glade’s crimes actually were that he would have to be escorted. As he pulled through the gate and followed the guard’s directions, it occurred to him that maybe having an escort was standard procedure. The place was Shifter Headquarters, after all.

    Going where ordered, Sage spotted the open bay door and entered. He spotted a large parking area to the left. After he’d found a spot and turned off his Wagoneer, he still hadn’t spotted anyone.

    Taking advantage of the alone time, Sage slipped from his vehicle and stretched his arms over his head. He twisted his body this way and that, working the kinks out that had been caused by too many hours behind the wheel. Sage felt his back pop and sighed before lowering his arms.

    “That sounded like it felt good.”

    Sage wheeled and spotted a tall, dark-skinned male leaning against the back corner of his vehicle. He stared at him with a predatory smile curving his lips and narrowed dark eyes that gleamed in the low lighting. His arms were crossed over his chest, but even in the semi-relaxed position, Sage would bet the handsome man could spring into action and take him down in a split second.

    Mmmm. Take me down. What would that strong-looking, wiry body feel like pressed against mine?

    Shit! Did I just think that? Stop that right now!

    No way did Sage want to draw the wrong kind of attention from a Shifter Enforcer. Swallowing hard, he found ignoring the way his fingers practically tingled with his desire to rub his palms over the enforcer’s pate, to see if it was as smooth as it looked surprisingly difficult. He did manage to get his tongue unstuck, however.

    “Uh, yes, sir,” Sage replied, answering the man’s comment. “Long drive.”

    Tipping his head to the side just a little, the man inhaled deeply. His nostrils flared, and his smile stretched a bit. “That explains the intensity of your scent clinging to you.”

    His tone didn’t make it sound as if he were put off by that, but Sage apologized anyway. “Uh, yeah. Sorry about that.” Rubbing the back of his neck, he glanced around slowly, having trouble staring into the man’s gaze without finding his body reacting to it. “Shoulda stopped at a hotel and showered.”

    “You misunderstand me,” the man stated, pushing away from Sage’s Wagoneer. “I like the way you smell.” A roguish smile curved his lips as he began stalking forward. “You are my mate, after all.” Holding out his hand, he claimed, “And I am Enforcer Germaine Messalla, anaconda shifter. What kind of kitty shifter are you, mate?”

    Gaping, Sage reacted on instinct. Even as he shook Germaine’s hand, the hairs on his arm standing on end from the tingles erupting from the contact, he muttered, “But Fate doesn’t pair those of the same sex.”