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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

Terence's Return to Kia

A Gargoyle's of Cuchulian short tale - non-erotic

This would take place after book six - Lebanon's Reunion

    After checking the caller ID, Terence picked up the phone. “Yeah,” he answered sleepily.

“Hey, man,” Ivan’s deep voice sounded over the phone.

Terence groaned. The mated gargoyle always seemed to be in a good mood. “Hey. It’s five-thirty in the morning, and I was asleep. What do you want?”

Ivan chuckled. “Always to the point. That’s what I like about you. Have you talked to Kia lately?”

At the mention of his mate, Terence’s heart clenched. “No,” he whispered. “Is she okay?”

“Well, define okay,” Ivan hedged.

Terence growled, in no mood for games from the third-in-command of the Cuchulian tribe. “You know what I mean. Has something happened to her? Is she struggling in college or something?”

“Oh, so you do know that she enrolled in online courses. That’s something at least.”

Brows shooting up at the man’s obvious sarcasm, Terence eased up in bed and rested his back against the headboard. “What the hell, man? You know why I took this assignment. It was becoming increasingly difficult to stay around Kia and not claim her. She was only seventeen and kept throwing herself at me,” he muttered, running a hand through his thick black hair.

“That was eight months ago, and it was only supposed to be a six month ambassador assignment between the Cuchulian tribe and the Librizon tribe. Kia has been eighteen for three months now,” Ivan reminded him. “Not to mention that when you came in to give your report to Maximus two weeks ago, you made certain it was during a time when Kia was out with friends,” he pointed out. “What’s the hold up now?”

Groaning, Terence dropped his head against the headboard with a thud. “I just thought she should have some time away from me so she could decide what to do with her life without being affected by the mate-pull.”

“You should have discussed that with her,” Ivan admonished. Before he could come up with something to say, Ivan said softly, “Oh, well. I guess it’s for the best. Kia’s decided to move on. She’s dating Riker.”

“What!?!” Terence roared, leaping to his feet. Anger poured through his veins and his black wings unfurled as his claws dug into the hardwood floor beneath him. “What are you talking about?”

Ivan’s tone turned cold. “You wanted to give her time to explore other areas of her life. She’s taking them. You’re not here. You have no say in it.”

“But Riker? He’s a bloody moron!” Disbelief did nothing to ease the red tingeing his vision.

Ivan had the audacity to laugh. “No he’s not. He’s just young. He’ll be a good soldier once he’s trained. Who knows? Maybe Riker is Kia’s second mate. She does get two,” he reminded Terence.

“I’ve seen them together. There’s no mate-pull there,” Terence growled.

“Well, either way, it--”

“Tell Max I’ll call him within the hour.”

“Oookay,” Ivan replied, drawing the word out.

“I’ll talk to you later,” Terence snapped. Without waiting for an answer, he pushed the end button. He tossed the phone on the bed before striding to his closet. He grabbed a duffel bag and started shoving clothes inside it, wondering how quickly he could get a flight from Sacramento to Boston.


“Where is she?” Terence snarled.

Maximus of Cuchulian lifted a brow as he glanced between the door slamming against the wall of his study and Terence stalking deeper into the room. “Welcome back, Terence.”

Growling in frustration at the ambiguous reply, Terence jerked his head in a curt motion of denial. He’d feel remorse later for his disrespect to his leader, but the only emotion that pulsed through his veins right now was irritation. He reached a large chair and gripped the back tightly, leaning toward his huzza. “Kia isn’t in her quarters.”

“Oh, your mate,” Max replied glibly. “I believe she’s in the gymnasium getting self-defense instruction from Riker.”

“What!?!” he roared before all but sprinting from the room.

Self-defense lessons could be very personal experiences, since at times it involved arms and legs around another’s body. Kia had never expressed an interest in learning while growing up. As a female of the tribe, she had a choice in the matter, while males did not. The very idea of Kia learning from someone other than himself or one of the other mated males shot jealousy like a hot spike through every nerve of Terence’s body. He skidded to a stop outside a set of double-doors and yanked them open.

A howl of denial rent from his lungs at the sight before him. His mate lay under another man, her legs wrapped around his waist. Even as his mind registered the grappling moves the two worked on, he let out a mighty roar and sprinted toward them.

He leaped at Riker, his heavy body slamming into the lighter gargoyle, and they both tumbled away from Kia. His thick black skin proved a striking contrast to Riker’s silver hide. He and the other gargoyle rolled across the floor, and it didn’t take much for his greater training and physical development to subdue the man. Riker went limp beneath him, and it took everything in Terence to release the male instead of tearing his throat out. Rising to his feet, Terence roared his victory to the rafters of the gym.

He turned his gaze to his mate. Kia still lay where she’d been when he interrupted, her dark brown hair flowing across the blue mats, very little of her thick bronze skin covered by her green halter top and black work-out shorts. Desire spiked through Terence’s system, making him burn like never before for the woman who lay before him. The heavy thud of a door caught his attention, and he whipped his head around to discover Riker had fled the room and they were alone.

He strode the few steps to his mate, his large black wings waving behind him, and his taste-buds tingled in anticipation. Her green eyes grew dark with desire and Terence growled ferally as her amazing aroma flooded his nostrils. “You’re mine, Kia,” he glowered.

“I’ve always been yours,” she whispered.

A low rumble of pleasure escaped him at her response, and Terence hauled Kia to her feet. He pulled her flush against him, relishing the feel of Kia’s curves against the hard planes of his chest. “And now everyone will know it, too.”

“Yes.” The gleam of mischief shining in her eyes took him by surprise. “It’s about time you returned.”

Realization hit him, and a chuckle escaped. I’ve been had! “You little minx.” He glared at her. Though secretly amused by her manipulations, they’d have to have a talk about this later.

She smiled back, rubbing her body against his own like a cat in heat, and Terence could definitely feel the heat generated between them. This was his mate, his partner, the missing piece of his soul. No longer able to wait, he grinned back, showing off his canines. “Mine.”

Terence wrapped his mate’s long brown hair around his fist and forced her neck to the side, baring her throat. He scraped his canines across her neck, loving the way Kia shuddered against him in anticipation. After another deep inhale of Kia’s scent, he sank his teeth into Kia’s neck. He felt the pleasure of drinking his mate’s blood as it flowed across his tongue and through his body, the sensations like liquid fire sweeping along every nerve-ending.

A light tug on his fist holding Kia’s hair had him easing his grip, and seconds later, delicious pain speared through his neck. Ecstasy coursed through his system, rivaling the wonder of feeling his soul binding with his mate’s. For the first time in his life, Terence felt complete.