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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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The Coercion of his Mate

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Five

Out of the Cage: A simple errand to the city causes a wolf shifter to bump into his future...if he's strong enough to coerce his mate into embracing it.

Gracen Robicheaux felt his petition to fight for the beta position of the Stone Ridge, Colorado wolf shifter pack was a sign from the gods. After over two hundred years, he could finally openly express his desire for a male mate. When Gracen runs into the human Lance Coracans, he changes his opinion. The gods are laughing at him. His worst fear has come to pass--kids. Lance has a very young daughter for whom he's fighting for custody. Still, Gracen reminds himself that Lance is his mate. Embracing change will be worth it. However between an injured baby-sitter, a sick daughter, and pack challenges, their missed and rescheduled dates are piling up. Can Gracen convince Lance that he really is serious? Or will finding out he's a wolf shifter be the straw that sends Lance running?

Excerpt - The Coercion of his Mate

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Gracen’s heart pounded with excitement in his chest. He knew Wendell. The man had mated with the wolf shifter, Teague Rochette.

I got a connection. Sweet!

Before Gracen could respond, Lance continued speaking through the phone line.

“Then there’s this other guy. The brother of a good buddy’s wife. I don’t really know him well. I’d call him an acquaintance instead of a friend, but he’s one of those guys that you just know would be good in a pinch, ya know?”

Gracen grunted. “I’ve known a few of those types.” It was the whole reason he’d ended up in Stone Ridge.

Whoever the guy was, the memory of him caused Lance to chuckle. “Years ago, we were at my friend Terry’s bachelor party. Being the brother of the fiancée, Jared was invited. Unbeknownst to us, Jared had invited his significant other. A guy named Carson.”

Hearing the name’s rolling off of Lance’s tongue as well as the mirth in his tone, Gracen felt his heart pound.

Holy fucking shit! He’s connected with them?

Immediately, Gracen realized he could use that knowledge, too.

Hot damn! Talk about the importance of communicating.

Gracen tuned back in to what Lance was saying, hoping he hadn’t missed much.

“Well, when the fact came out that Carson was Jared’s date, Phil didn’t take the news too well. He was especially pissed when he realized he was the only one that felt that way.” Lance snorted, and Gracen could imagine him shaking his head. “Anyway, when Phil took a swing at Terry, Carson took the punch himself, and Jared took Phil down. The guy isn’t really big, but he’s fast.” Lance’s tone turned speculative as he commented, “At first, I thought maybe ex-military, but Terry tells me he’s not.”

“No, Jared is not ex-military,” Gracen confirmed slowly. He didn’t know a whole hell of a lot about the head enforcer’s human mate, but he did know that much. “He is a martial artist, though.”

“Ahhh, that explains it.” A second later, Lance piped up, “Hey, you know him?”

“Like you, more as an acquaintance,” Gracen told him. “I know Wendell better, since he mated with Teague. I work with Teague’s brother Cecil. I’m a dental assistant.”

Wincing, Gracen realized his slip of the tongue.

Lance had caught it, too. “Mated? What do you mean?” While Gracen hesitated, trying to figure out a way to explain that didn’t involve admitting that wolf shifters and other paranormals were real, Lance drew his own conclusions. “Is that Teague’s term for partner or husband? I’d planned to meet him last week, but got caught up in preparing for my hearing.”

“Yes.” Gracen happily latched onto that even as he tried to explain further. “There’s a little more to it than that, but yeah. Husband. Significant other. Most around here use the term mate, since it’s all-inclusive.” After a second’s hesitation, Gracen told him, “And it indicates that they expect it to be permanent.”

“Oh, wow,” Lance murmured, his amazement clear in his tone. “Then I wish them the best. I mean, they’ve only known each other…what? A couple of weeks?”

“Sometimes, you just know.”

Scoffing softly, Lance mumbled, “I wish I had your certainty.”

Realizing a subject change was in order…or maybe returning to their original topic, Gracen commented, “So Regina is a homophobe.” He growled softly, another fact hitting him. “Which means you dating me will really rile her.”

“Yeah,” Lance whispered. “Yeah, it will.”

“Will you let me take you on a date, anyway?”

Gracen laid it out there, then held his breath, waiting…waiting.

“Yeah, Gracen.”

Relief crashed through Gracen. He closed his eyes as he sucked in a harsh breath. His head even spun a little.

Been holding my breath longer than I thought.

Chuckling softly, laughing at himself, Gracen grinned widely as he stared vacantly at the forest. “Thank you, Lance.” He hummed softly, appreciating the sound of Lance’s quiet laughter coming through the line. “Then I guess we just need to decide where to go.” After a second’s hesitation, he added, “And if we’re goin’ta bring Loren with us.”

“I’m not going to introduce you to Loren, yet, Gracen,” Lance stated, his voice soft and firm. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but what if whatever that lust-at-first-sight instinct you claim to have is wrong?”

“It’s not,” Gracen stated firmly, but he didn’t try to change Lance’s mind. In truth, he’d like a first date with just his mate, first.

“Well, chemistry aside, there could always be a chance that if you tried to kiss me, I’d deck you.”

Gracen barked a laugh, unable to help himself.

“Think that’s funny, do you?”

“I do,” Gracen replied, sobering. “Want to know why?” He couldn’t help the way his voice deepened to a husky rumble. Just thinking about kissing his mate had that effect on him.

Lance cleared his throat, then murmured, “Why?”

Gratified that he wasn’t the only one effected, Gracen couldn’t help but croon, “Oh, handsome man. When I press my lips against yours, the feel of me capturing your mouth will set fire to your veins.” He didn’t stop there. “I will slide my hand into your hair, holding you steady as I plunder you. I’ll grip your sweet, hard ass and squeeze, pulling you hard against me.” Through the line, Gracen heard Lance’s breathing speed up, sounding a little ragged. “You’ll feel my hard cock, pressing firmly against your own swollen length.” Lowering to a deep rumble, he added, “You’ll rut against me, the pressure fantastic, igniting your blood. It’ll make your balls tingle and roll. I bet if we rocked together, we’d both come in our jeans, our bodies burning beyond our control as exquisite bliss pulses through us.”

Unable to help himself, Gracen lowered his free hand to the crotch of his jeans. The visual he’d painted was just too intoxicating. He pressed his heel against his rock-hard erection. His blood zinged through his groin, and his stomach clenched.

“Shit, Gracen,” Lance groaned in Gracen’s ear, drawing his attention. “N-Never had anyone talk to m-me like that.”