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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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The Priest's Perspective

A Loving Nip: Book Fourteen

Just a little Love Bite: Getting captured by vampires, a Priest learns more about himself than he ever thought possible.

Giles Corsair joined the ranks of the Priests to fight demons. He thought he was destroying the spawn of the devil and stamping out evil. When he ends up captured by the creatures he was told are demons, he's in for a rude awakening. They're not demons. They're vampires. He learns demons are around...except they're not the spawns of Satan. They claim to have been created by the gods. Giles doesn't believe a word of it...until he sees a demon in the flesh. To his utter shock, Giles feels an unholy attraction to the beast. It calls itself Thanach and makes advances toward him, calling him his amina, his soul, and telling Giles that he is Thanach's gift from the gods. Confused by his unexpected desires, Giles discovers the greatest battle he fights is within himself. Can he come to grips with the shifts in his reality, or will the battle cost him his sanity?

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Excerpt - The Priest's Perspective

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “If you’re thinking of escape, the vampires own the land five miles in every direction. I doubt you’d manage to get far before they noticed you were no longer in here. However, if you ask nicely, I may be willing to help you.”

Spinning around, Giles prepared to tell off his uninvited, surprise visitor. His jaw sagged open at what he saw. No way could it be real!

Leaning against the bars that lined the front of the room that made up Giles’s sleeping and lounging area was the biggest, scariest creature he’d ever laid eyes on. It had black skin, wings, and horns. It stared at him with piercing black eyes that actually appeared to be twinkling with mirth, accentuated by the slight upturn of the corners of his lips.

“H-Holy sh-sh-sh—”

Giles slowly backed up until his legs hit the side of the sofa, and he tumbled backward, sprawling on it sideways. He quickly scrambled up again and put the loveseat between them…even though the creature remained on the other side of the bars.

“Holy shit, I believe is what you’re looking for,” the beast stated. He rubbed a claw-tipped hand over his chest, drawing attention to the fact that he didn’t wear a shirt over his huge, heavily-muscled torso. “And if you were saying that in response to my sexy chest, I’d be flattered.” He smirked, his black eyes gleaming. “A pity that you’re not.”

“What, uh, what—” Giles swallowed hard, getting moisture to his too-dry throat. His voice still came out raspy when he managed to ask, “What are you?”

“My name is Thanach,” the creature responded, grinning, showing off even white teeth. “And I am a demon.”

“You’re…you’re a…a demon?”

That is a demon?

When the creature—demon—Thanach offered one slow nod in confirmation and continued to smile at him, Giles took those precious few seconds to look it up and down. Or him rather, because there was no mistaking the beast’s gender. Thanach wore only a pair of dark brown leather pants which showed off a very large bulge at the groin.

Shit! Why did I notice that?

Even as Giles snapped his gaze back up Thanach’s torso and the thought passed through his mind, he felt heat surge through his system. His focus stalled on the male’s black nipples, noticing how they were already pebbled. He sucked in a surprised breath when he felt his own nipples do the same.

What the hell?

Surely it was from fear, right?

Giles couldn’t ever remember fear feeling like this. Doing his best to dismiss the odd sensations, he finally returned his focus to Thanach’s face. He had no clue what to think of the speculative gleam in the creature’s eyes.

Slowly, Thanach eased out of his relaxed stance. He turned to face the bars fully, spreading his legs a little, and leaned forward. It appeared he rested part of his weight on his forearms where he had them slightly over his head and against the bars.

The way the demon was braced accentuated his huge size, including the way his horns seemed to almost touch the ceiling. The male must have stood around six-foot-six with another six inches for the black horns that jutted from the top of his head and curved around, sort of like a ram’s horns. Surely he had to duck to get through a doorway.

And what do those horns feel like? Are they smooth like ivory? Or as warm as the male’s body? Wait, is the creature even hot-blooded?

Giles shook his head once, trying to clear his odd thoughts. Why was he even thinking about touching Thanach? He needed to focus.

Remembering the pain in his head, an idea formed.

“Is this what you all really look like then?” Giles asked softly. “Do you put the image in my head that you look normal? Is that why my head hurts sometimes when I talk to you guys?”

Would them lying about vampires be better or worse?

Giles didn’t really know.

“This is what I really look like,” Thanach confirmed. “As for the vampires, they don’t use a glamour to hide their appearance. They already look human.” Grinning widely, he showed off teeth with a few extra points as he reached up and touched his horns. His gaze narrowed and his expression turned smoldering. “Me, on the other hand. Well, I don’t look human, so I use magick to hide my—” He paused and waggled his brows for a few seconds before finishing—“extra appendages.”

His fingers clenched on the sofa back before he realized what he did and forced them to ease. “Do you actually expect me to believe that?” he snapped, glaring. “You could be manipulating me just like those other d…uh, vampires.”

Thanach chuckled softly as he shook his head. “Noooo, handsome.” His voice came out a soft croon, and he had the audacity to wink. “I’m not manipulating your mind…although I could.”

An instant later, Thanach murmured a few softly spoken words. His huge, hulking form was gone, as were his wings, horns, and claws. Instead, Giles found himself staring at a handsome, six-foot-four black man with muscles in all the right places.

Giles gaped as his eyes widened. Shock flooded his body…as did arousal. He had to snap his mouth shut to keep from drooling.


Swallowing hard, Giles tried to suppress his body’s unholy reaction. He couldn’t believe he found himself attracted to the demon—human-looking or not. Giles knew what he saw wasn’t real.

A few seconds later, Thanach’s appearance returned to…normal?

To Giles’s shock, the arousal he felt didn’t diminish…not at all. Instead, the desire to touch Thanach’s horns once again surged through him. His fingers even twitched with his need.

Holy shit! Why?