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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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The Vampire's Special Lover

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Sixteen

Vincent Dobs Marché thought he scented his beloved—his fated one-and-only—at a shifter enforcer challenge months ago. Since rogue shifters killed his mother, bonding with one is the last thing he wants to do. He runs from the knowledge, vowing to live his life alone. Fate has other plans. Slowly, blood from human donors becomes unpalatable to him, until it's easier to go hungry than deal with the taste. When he hits the verge of collapse, his friends step in, forcing him to return to Stone Ridge and give the shifter a chance.

When Dobs meets his beloved, Frankie Drunger, for the first time, the big sexy wolf shifter's blood calls to him. Frankie seems just fine with the idea of Dobs drinking from him, so he gives in to his desire and bites the man. Reb, Frankie's protective older brother, isn't nearly as open-minded and attacks Dobs. Acting on instinct, Frankie defends his mate, shifting to wolf form. Dobs panics at the sight of the wolf and insults his beloved. Angry and hurt, Frankie flees.

Can Dobs learn to accept the gift Fate has given him and convince Frankie to give him another chance? Or is it too late for him to earn the love of the special shifter he's been given?

Excerpt - The Vampire's Special Lover

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “You can’t keep going on like this. What was so wrong with that one?”

Dobs growled at Sebastian in warning, flashing his fangs. “I’m not hungry,” he snapped.

Sebastian, Seb to his friends, rolled his eyes. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. You haven’t eaten in three days,” he pointed out. “And that was from a glass. Tell me what the hell is up with you.”

He bristled at the command in Seb’s tone. Dobs didn’t like being ordered around by anyone, but didn’t have the strength to take on Seb. And wasn’t that a kick in the balls? At normal strength, he wouldn’t have had any trouble giving as good as he got from his friend. Now, it was an effort even to care.

And all because of a shifter.


Dobs heaved himself from the couch, barely hiding the wash of lightheadedness that swamped him. Snarling, pissed at how weak he felt, Dobs headed toward the bar. If he made a Bloody Mary and mixed real blood into it, he could get it down. It would suck, and not in the way he liked, but it could be done.

He went about fixing his drink. It was an effort to hide the tremble of his hands. Gods, he was thirsty. The memory of the rich aroma of his beloved’s blood, his one-and-only, teased him, similar to what he imagined a ghost memory from a lost limb would feel like to an amputee. His mouth watered.

Bowing his head, Dobs had to take several deep breaths to clear his senses. His beloved wasn’t here. He wasn’t. There were no shifters in his home. That was what he’d wanted several months ago when he’d realized what his beloved was. He’d thought if he hadn’t bonded with the shifter, he could move on, resign himself to the fact that he’d never be paired with anyone.

Unfortunately, Fate could be a bitch. Gradually, Dobs’ enjoyment of other’s blood diminished. Now, he couldn’t stand even the thought of drinking blood from a source that wasn’t his beloved. The smell of the donor Seb had brought to him had turned his stomach, making him sick.

Dobs swigged back the Bloody Mary. At least he could still manage to drink blood that was already removed from a body. He’d taken to breaking into blood banks and stealing what he needed. It was degrading, and humiliating, but Dobs didn’t want to give up on life just yet.

He wondered if this would pass if he stayed away from the wolf shifter long enough.

The slam of his office door caught his attention and he watched Lex stride into the living room. Dobs stifled a groan. Damn, his friends were double-teaming him now. Fantastic.

“Who is he?” Lex snarled, stalking toward him.

Okay, Dobs hadn’t expected that. He lifted a brow, keeping his face impassive. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re rejecting donors, drinking from a glass, and wasting away,” Lex stated, ticking off the points as he spoke. “You’ve met your beloved. Who is he and where is he? I’m going to get him.”

Oh, hell no! Dobs curled his lip and snarled, showing off a fang.

Lex wasn’t impressed. He strode over and smacked the back of Dob’s head…hard. “You bloody idiot. You’d rather die than accept your beloved? Why? What could be so bad that you’d choose this slow torturous death?”

“I’m fine,” Dobs lied. “It’ll get better soon.” He so needed to believe that.

“You’ve met your beloved? Where? When?” Seb cut in, moving closer.

Dobs ignored Seb’s questions. Instead, he swallowed several more gulps of his drink. He could feel the blood, however diluted, begin to course through his system, steadying his hands and easing the cramping in his stomach. It wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy, but it was a start.

“It’s not going to get better, Dobs,” Lex declared, glaring. “It’s going to get worse.”

He didn’t want to believe him.

Lex grabbed his shoulders and forced him to turn and look at him. Dobs didn’t have the strength to resist. Pressing close, pinning him to the wall, Lex asked gruffly, “Who. Is. He?”

Dobs struggled for only a couple seconds before his newly acquired strength gave out. He couldn’t fight his friend. Dropping his head against the wall, Dobs admitted defeat. “He’s a wolf shifter in Stone Ridge,” he admitted.

“What’s his name?” Seb asked from behind Lex.

Looking over Lex’s shoulder at him, Dobs shook his head.

Lex growled. “Tell me his name.”

“I don’t know,” Dobs whispered.

Lex frowned and eased away. “How can you not know?” he asked incredulously.

“I scented him at an enforcer challenge they held. There were dozens of shifters there,” Dobs explained. “I don’t know which one it was.”

“By the gods,” Seb hissed. “That was nearly eight months ago.”

“No wonder you’re nearly dead on your feet,” Lex snapped. “You stupid, prejudiced jackass.”

Dobs didn’t bother to argue. He knew it was true.

Adult Excerpt - The Vampire's Special Lover

    “Are ye open to bein’ mated to a vampire, Frankie?” Declan asked gently.

He thought about it for a second, then shrugged. “I guess. I’ve never given it much thought,” he admitted. A vampire mate? He’d heard they ate real food, so they’d still be able to eat meals together like wolf shifter couples did. Frankie knew they didn’t go to sleep during the day, like the silly myths about them. They could go out in the sun, so that meant they’d be able to take walks in the woods. He wondered if they were allergic to garlic or got hurt by crosses. Was there really such a thing as holy water? Could someone turn a human into a vampire? Would Frankie have to drink blood, too? His excitement grew. He had so many questions!

The door slammed open, grabbing Frankie’s attention. He leaped to his feet, ready to defend his alpha, but he saw it was just his brother. Except, Reb seemed really angry.

Reb glared at their alpha. “No. Absolutely not. Frankie will not be given to some vampire who’ll take him away from here. It’s not going to happen.”

Take him away? Frankie didn’t want to leave. Still, he wanted a mate. Didn’t he only have one mate?

“Frederick, this is not yer call,” Declan snapped.

The use of Reb’s full name concerned Frankie. “Reb? Alpha?” Reb called tentatively.

Reb spared Frankie a forced smile, then returned his focus to Declan. He ducked his head in a show of respect, but said in a strained voice, “Alpha, I understand this vampire works as an enforcer for the Vampire Council. That means he often travels into hostile territory. I don’t believe that to be a safe environment for Frankie.”

His vampire went into dangerous places? Then Frankie needed to be there to protect him, didn’t he?

“If Fate has chosen Dobs as Frankie’s mate, then don’t ye think she’s taken that into consideration?” Declan replied, a low growl in his tone.

Frankie figured since they were talking like he wasn’t there, he didn’t need to be there. He wanted to meet this vampire who might or might not be his mate. Big man Frankie might be, but he was still a wolf. He knew how to creep from a room without being noticed, especially when the others weren’t paying attention to him anyway.

He slipped from the room and padded down the hall, following the interesting aroma to the closed office door. Inhaling deeply, Frankie’s dick thickened. Yeah, I definitely like the way someone smells in here.

Only hesitating a second longer, Frankie’s curiosity getting the better of him, he turned the knob and pushed the door open. He found himself the focus of five sets of eyes. Caspian and Casey he recognized. The other three he wasn’t sure he’d ever seen before.

A low hiss drew Frankie’s attention to the man seated on one of the love seats. He had short, light brown hair. He appeared lean, maybe too lean, but corded muscle bulged in his neck and his eyes flashed a deep red for an instant before returning to a deep blue color. Frankie thought that was incredibly sexy.

“Beloved,” the vampire murmured.

Frankie cocked his head. “I’m Frankie. Frankie Drunger.”

“I will call you mine,” the guy replied. The man struggled to his feet, and for just an instant, Frankie didn’t think he was going to make it. Then the vampire growled low in his throat and steadied.

That growl did funny things to Frankie’s stomach and his cock filled further, coming to full mast in his jeans. He whimpered, reached down, and adjusted himself. The man followed his movements and when Frankie met his gaze, heat burned in his blue-eyed stare and his irises began to turn red again.

“You like that, don’t you, wolf?” the guy all but purred, stalking forward.

Frankie was bigger than the vampire by a good couple inches, but somehow, he still felt like the prey. “Yeah. Your growl is sexy. I wish I could feel it against my balls,” he responded bluntly. With all the blood pooling below his belt, Frankie said the first thing that came to mind.

The man actually chuckled, not seeming to be put off by the idea at all. Suddenly, Frankie found himself maneuvered sideways and pinned against the wall. “Wow, you’re stronger than you look,” Frankie commented, impressed. Since the guy didn’t seem to mind manhandling him, Frankie took the liberty of wrapping his arms around him and palming his ass. The firm mounds felt good in his hands and he squeezed lightly, eliciting a clearly surprised grunt from the vampire.

Frankie grinned. “Looks like you like that,” he said, squeezing again to make his point. He eyed the guy’s sharp fangs and quipped, “You gonna tell me your name before you bite me, vampire?”

The vampire’s smile became even bigger, his fangs on clear display. “Not shy, are you?” he crooned, thrusting his hips and rubbing his hard shaft against Frankie’s equally rigid dick.

Sparks of pleasure fired through his body, setting his balls on fire. It wouldn’t take much for him to unload, and he suddenly really wanted to get off. He widened his stance slightly to bring his height down the couple inches needed to be even with his mate. Yup, this vampire is definitely my mate. “Don’t see a reason to be shy when we’re both ready to explode,” he grunted, meeting the guy’s next thrust.

“Mmm, good point,” his mate replied. “Name’s Dobs, Frankie. Tilt you neck a bit so I can get at that throbbing vein.”

Moaning at the strained order, Frankie’s wolf wanted to roll over and show its belly to its mate. Frankie did as he was told. Dobs seemed to take that as the consent it was.