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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Wooing His Wolf

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Nineteen

On the Road: Traveling was supposed to open his eyes, but it opened his heart, too.

Logan St. Clair made some bad decisions and fell in with the wrong crowd. After believing a fellow wolf shifter's bigoted opinions, he helps attack their pack's brand new alpha and alpha-mate...his male alpha-mate. They lose and Logan is exiled. To his shock, Logan is approached by another alpha, Kontra Belikov--a bear shifter who leads a nomadic group of bikers. Even knowing Kontra is mated to a male, the allure of a new pack is too strong. Logan accepts. Most of Kontra's pack-members are in gay matings, and Logan learns to be polite and accepting of those who are gay, even forming his own opinions.

While Logan no longer loathes homosexuals, he never expects to feel attraction to a guy. That's exactly what happens, however, when he meets Kai's human friend, Tyson Grubler. He doesn't understand it and fights it with every fiber of his being. Except, when Logan sees Tyson head into a club bathroom with a stranger, he loses control of his wolf's possessive instincts. Logan tosses Tyson's trick out of the stall and sinks his teeth into a very shocked Tyson's neck. Realizing what he's done--started the bonding process--Logan flees. Can he come to terms with what his wolf already knows, that Tyson is his mate?

Excerpt - Wooing His Wolf

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Tyson’s chest heaved as he struggled to come up with a response to Logan’s shocking claim. Problem was that it was hard to think since he found himself distracted by the pain in his suddenly throbbing dick. When he’d walked into the restroom with Gary—or was it Barry—he’d only been half hard. He’d figured his trick could help him out with that.

The second Tyson had heard Logan’s growly voice on the other side of the door, gaining an erection had no longer been a problem. Now, he faced the wall with his jeans around his thighs and Logan’s chest pressed against his back.

When Tyson didn’t manage to answer, Logan growled. “Need some convincing, do you, Tyson?”

Logan used his hold on Tyson’s wrists to lift them higher, sliding them up the cool metal of the stall wall until they were just over his head. Easing his grip and moving his fingers upward, Logan pressed his palms against the back of Tyson’s hands, encouraging with rhythmic pushes for him to uncurl his fists.

“Leave them there,” Logan whispered the order, once Tyson’s palms were flat.

Tyson glanced over his shoulder, his lips parted as he panted. “Uh, okay,” he muttered.

Growling, Logan skimmed his fingertips down the tops of Tyson’s hands, then his forearms. He paused to tickle the sensitive skin on the inside of Tyson’s elbows. Tyson grunted, hissing through clenched teeth. Logan hummed, then continued touching, making his way over the rest of Tyson’s arms to his shoulders.

“I’ve been thinking of touching you like this for weeks,” Logan growled as he slid his hand down Tyson’s shirt-clad shoulder-blades. Then, he wrapped his arms around Tyson’s torso and slid one hand under his shirt, roughly pinching his nipple. With his other hand, Logan gripped the side of Tyson’s shirt and gave it a twist and a yank, opening the few snaps that held it closed.

Tyson shivered as the cool air caressed his budding nipples, making them pucker. Logan pinched his other now hard bud, and Tyson shuddered at the mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Damn it,” he gasped, arching. He arched his back, pressing his chest forward, searching for more touches to his nipples. It also shoved his ass against Logan’s groin, pushing into the shifter’s erection, reveling in the heat of the male behind him. “Logan!”

The shifter behind him tightened his hold. Rocking his hips, he rutted against Tyson’s ass once, twice as he nuzzled his five-o-clock shadow against the sensitive skin under Tyson’s ear. “Tell me you understand,” Logan demanded.

Understand? Understand what?

“Tell me you will not allow another to touch you,” Logan ordered. “Tell me you are mine!”

Right. That.