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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

Welcome to the home of Charlie Richards

Author of Erotic Romance - I offer M/M romance stories and occasionally a menage, although a few of my older tales are M/F.

Come explore the worlds of gargoyles, shifters, and creatures of the paranormal!

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Scuba Diving with a Sea Dragon

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Fourteen

When Britt O’Connor’s targeted by a group of mercenaries for reasons unknown, he realizes it’s time to cash in a big favor. Britt heads to World of Aquatica. He knows that’s where his ex-SEAL buddy, Price, has secretly holed up after Britt helped him flee the military police. Britt also knows that Price isn’t human, and he could use a little of the man’s paranormal abilities right about then.

Getting there is easy. Getting inside and locating Price is a bit more difficult. Still, Britt manages it, only to discover that Price isn’t the only paranormal thing at the park. Vampires and shifters are real. In fact, not only does Price vouch for him, but Britt meets Gerard, a shifter who claims he’s the other half of his soul.

When Gerard scents Britt as he’s on his way to meet with Alpha Kaiser, he immediately recognizes him as his mate and follows him. Discovering that Britt already knows about the paranormal, he declares that Britt is his mate, but Britt will need some convincing.   Read More

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With a Wishbone

A Shifter Novella

Dave Letrara is so tired of his family trying to set him up with every gay man they can find. His self-esteem just can’t take it anymore. When his best friend and cousin, Mick, presents him with a wishbone and orders him to make a wish, he can think of only one thing. Dave just wants his family to stop setting him up, to leave him alone about being single. Then, while out hiking, Dave gets trapped in a hole. To his surprise, he’s rescued by a young snow leopard shifter…who has a stunningly sexy father—Joseph Kluthner. To Dave’s surprise, Joseph declares his interest. Can Dave scrape together enough self-esteem to go after what he so desperately wants…the answer to his Christmas wish?   Read More

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His Traitor's Heart

Shifter's Regime: Book Twelve

Warsaw knew that joining the rogues was wrong. Except, when his best friend begged him to help a pair of disgraced ex-councilmen, he couldn’t say no. After all, he could never have the man he secretly loved. The guy was already mated. Warsaw joined the wrong side of a shifter war, and they lost.

While most consider Warsaw lucky because he wasn’t sentenced to death for his crimes, he doesn’t feel that way. The man he’d loved is dead, as is his best friend, both having died due to the shifter battle. Feeling empty inside, Warsaw does his job in silence, ignoring the nasty looks and slurs from others. His one joy is his little Shih Tzu, Jasmine.

When Jasmine is viciously attacked by an unknown shifter hell-bent on punishing Warsaw further, a sympathetic acquaintance introduces him to a warlock to help his dying dog. To Warsaw’s shock, the warlock—Urskin Claspin—is his mate. Except, after everything that he’s done...   Read More

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An Angelic Dilemma

A Loving Nip: Book Thirty

As an angel, Mordecai has the ability to read the thoughts of others. Sitting in a coffee shop, eyeing the human he’s there to help—Charles—Mordecai listens to the man’s internal troubles so he can discern the best way to assist him. Mordecai hears Charles wondering why he’s agreed to meet his workout buddy, Jeffrey, for coffee…knowing Jeffrey intends it as a date. According to Charles’s thoughts, the human has never bothered acting on his occasional flash of appreciation for the opposite sex, and he doesn’t see the point in doing so now.

Mordecai assumes that his task is to help Charles come to grips with his desire for the occasional male. In the past, he’s spent time talking with his assigned human, walking them through a bit of soul-searching. Mordecai doesn’t think anything is special about the assignment. He’s done it plenty of times before.

Everything changes when Mordecai gets his first look at Jeffrey and meets the man’s gaze.   Read More

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The Swamp Elephant

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Thirty-Four

Horace Broussard knows he needs to learn how to say no to his brother, Herbert. His older, larger brother always seems to drag him into trouble. Except, the two times he’d gathered the courage, Herbert had explained why it was a bad idea…with his fists and feet. The first time had left him pissing blood for days. The second time had culminated in a broken wrist. Horace doesn’t say no to his brother anymore, which is how he ends up poaching gators in the swamp…again.

When they spot a small pack of wolves running through the cypress trees, Herbert orders that they go after them, claiming a wolf pelt on his floor would be cool.

Just like many of Herbert’s bad ideas, Horace ends up in hot water. They’re caught by the owners of the wolves—a fierce biker gang.   Read More

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What is Not in a Name

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Sixty

If Goliath Dickman hadn’t had the most loving and supportive parents he could ever imagine—and he’s seen plenty of depravity during his years on the force—he would have thought his parents hated him. After all, how could they have named him what they did? Goliath would never tarnish the memory of his beloved mother by saying such a thing out loud, however. So when the opportunity arises, he transfers to a deputy position in a small town.

After losing his temper on the first day—thank goodness they’d been understanding guys—Goliath asks the others to call him Ollie, and he settles in at his new place in his new town. He runs across Earl Raukus at a local restaurant and finds himself enamored with the pretty, brown-eyed blond. Unfortunately, Goliath spots Earl laughing and chatting with a black-haired guy across the room, and his hopes are dashed.   Read More

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Meshing with the Gargoyle

A Paranormal's Love: Book Thirty-Eight

When Aaron Boltson discovers his wife cheating on him, he thinks his life is over—romantically, anyway. He can’t imagine trusting another that way. Even flings don’t sound good. Licking his wounds do, though. After all, if a woman who’s supposed to love him unconditionally can’t stand to touch his fat body, how could anyone else?

Her words, sure, but Aaron can’t seem to get them out of his mind.

Aaron reaches out to his younger brother, Aziel, needing to get away. Aziel immediately books him a room in Durango, near where he still lives, and welcomes him with open arms. After a few days of vegging and relaxing, Aaron opens his door to Melanie—his soon-to-be ex-wife—who begins begging for reconciliation. Shocked, Aaron is grateful for Aziel’s intervention.   Read More

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Enchanted by a Vampire

A Loving Nip: Book Twenty-Nine

Years before, Saul Mandisa came to Vegas to work on stage…only to find out it requires a lot of dancing, and he has two left feet. When his minimum wage job didn’t quite cover food and rent, he took a few side hustles that he wasn’t proud of. Finally landing steady work allowed him to extricate himself from that life…or so Saul thought.

Even after five years, Saul would never forget Reagan the Hammer—right hand and enforcer to the infamous crime boss—Luigi Arnasta. At first, he ignores Reagan’s calls. Then he does his best to avoid the man—and his henchmen—at all costs. After all, Saul wants nothing to do with that life, and he never had. His luck runs out when he meets a couple of friends for drinks and discovers one of them essentially sold him out.

To Saul’s shock, a sexy Frenchman steps in and sends Reagan packing—a man named Jean-Paul Tremblay. When Saul discovers his savior is a vampire who seems to think he’s the other half of Jean-Paul’s soul, will he risk taking a chance on the devil he doesn’t know?   Read More

Now Available at eXtasy Books!

Submerging with a Sea Snake

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Thirteen

Kenny hates getting milked—the process where Doc Anthony eases his snake’s fangs through a thin lid covering a cup in order to collect his venom. Still, he knows it’s a necessary evil if he expects to live in a shifter pod. The doc needs it so he can always have anti-venom on hand, and since he used his last vial to save a human Kenny had bitten, he needs to make more.

Imagine Kenny’s surprise when, as Doc Anthony sinks his fangs through the paper, an amazing scent teases his senses. The distraction causes him to pop his head up, and he nearly stabs a fang into the doc. In the doc’s shock, he fumbles Kenny’s snake form, dropping him to the counter.

A set of hands Kenny doesn’t recognize grabs him. He struggles for an instant until he catches his new holder’s scent. Stilling, Kenny realizes the big human holding him with a firm and confident hand is his mate.   Read More

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Having his Wolf's Back

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Nine

Miles Philson had his world nearly destroyed by a man who he should have been able to trust and look up to. Instead, it made him wary of forming connections of just about any kind. After joining the military, his brothers in arms helped him get past some of that, only to have that same general turn his life upside down all over again—by mutating him and his team into cheetah shifters against their will.

Once rescued from the general’s clutches, Miles watches the other members of his team meet and fall in love with what the shifter world calls fated mates. When he meets wolf shifter Ron Reussmin and feels the pull, he understands what it means. The new feline presence in Miles’s mind wants the boisterous, good-natured man, and Miles finally understands why his buddies didn’t resist their new partners for long.

Unfortunately, Ron is a deputy in Stone Ridge, and they’re going through some growing pains. An ex-employee is doing her best to stir up trouble. Can Miles keep his wolf shifter safe while staying off the radar of the shadow branch of the military that’s searching for him and his team?   Read More

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Unveiling his Hidden Dragon

Shifter's Regime: Book Eleven

Dakota Drudeson has been working for the Shifter Council for over fifty years. In all that time, he’s believed that dragons—real dragons—either have never been real, or they’d died out centuries before. Imagine his surprise when his boss allows it to slip that dragons are alive, well, and there’s even one working at Shifter Council Headquarters—a dishwasher named Charon, whom Dakota has always thought was human.

Watching Charon every chance he gets, Dakota quickly becomes infatuated with the small male. The fact that his boss has warned him that Charon’s short, slender, blond frame isn’t what he truly looks like doesn’t concern him at all. Even the fact that the man’s smell doesn’t trigger interest from Dakota’s Komodo dragon doesn’t deter Dakota. He wants to earn Charon’s trust and see his dragon.  Read More

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The Gargoyle and the Stripper

A Paranormal's Love: Book Thirty-Seven

When Tasker overhears a few bonded gargoyles and their mates planning a night out at a strip club, he convinces them to sneak him in through the back. Once there, to Tasker’s shock, he scents his mate somewhere in the seedy joint. With a little help from friends, Tasker discovers that a sexy black stripper with the stage name Mongo is his mate. The human’s medium-brown skin and bleached-blond hair calls to him, but as much as Tasker would love to whisk the human from the place, he knows that wouldn’t be a good move…so he once again relies on friends.

Camry Palcha never thought he would end up a stripper, but after getting cut off when he came out, desperate times calls for desperate measures. The pay is good, even though he refuses the side offers of backroom hook-ups with clients. While he’ll never admit it to anyone at the seedy place, he’s a virgin. No way does he want his first time to be with someone paying him.

When a guy named Mitch approaches Camry about hiring him for a private gig, he nearly refuses.  Read More

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Pursuit by Camelback

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Thirty-Three

Stuck in camel form, Rudy loses all track of time while held in a small, exotic animal zoo run by a circle of witches. They even saddle him up and use him to give customers rides. When demons wipe out the witches and their acolytes, he’s certain he and the other shifters in the place will be next. Instead, the demons free them and take them to a shifter gang deep in the Louisiana bayou.

When Rudy and the several others who still can’t shift are ordered to hide from an arriving vehicle, they obey. Curious, he peeks through the trees and watches three figures emerge from a black SUV—two clearly federal agents and one not. As they disappear inside, the most wonderful aroma drifts across Rudy’s senses, and he realizes one of the visitors is his mate. Rudy longs to rush in and discover who, but he forces himself to wait, knowing he should only reveal himself to his one and only.

Read More

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The Altered's Atonement

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Eight

When Corporal Brian Haas took in a fellow marine’s comatose younger brother in an attempt to figure out how to heal him, he never could have imagined the chain of events that it would set off. The testing his patient—Bailey Dyer—had been forcibly subjected to changed his DNA. Bailey had ended up turning into a paranormal creature called a shifter, giving him the ability to turn into a sentient cheetah at will.

Upon learning of shifters’ existence, Brian agrees to relocate to the mountains of Colorado, to help his buddy and the shifters looking into those targeting them. He builds a new bunker, preparing for when the thugs of the shadow military branch come calling. Brian knows it’s just a matter of time, and he has every intention of making sure he and his friends will be ready for them.

Brian spots a cheetah trotting into his yard. Assuming it’s Bailey, he doesn’t think anything about it…until it starts purring and rubbing up against him.   Read More

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With Cheetah Speed

A Loving Nip: Book Twenty-Eight

As the head enforcer for the Shifter Council, Mycroft Portent doesn’t usually do field work. Except, with Fate blessing those under him with finding mates and taking unexpected leave, he finds himself shorthanded. When a report of a shifter alpha shirking his duties to his pride comes across his desk, he decides to head to Texas himself, taking fellow enforcer Dakota Drudeson with him.

Tailing several members of the pride’s inner circle leads Mycroft to a backwater honky-tonk bar. He and Dakota head inside, intending to watch their behavior. Mycroft firmly believes that the way a shifter treats a species weaker than himself is very telling of their home life.

Mycroft doesn’t even make it to the bar before the scent of his mate hits his senses, distracting him.   Read More

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The Buffalo's Mechanic

Shifter's Regime: Book Ten

Austin O’Malley doesn’t intend to stay for the wedding reception. He’ll watch the service and offer his congratulations before leaving. While he’s happy for his friend, he doesn’t want to bring down the spirits of the other guests with his dark attitude. Then he plans to head to his mountain retreat and enjoy a secluded vacation that’s been a long time coming. He needs the time to come to grips with the deaths of his two middle brothers as well as what he must do next—reach out to his estranged youngest brother with the news of what’s happened.

All Austin’s plans change when the headiest aroma teases his nostrils while at the wedding. Sitting in the back, he doesn’t know where it’s coming from, making the ceremony the longest twenty minutes of his life. Afterward, he tracks the smell to a cute little twink with soulful brown eyes. A whispered question to a friend he’d seen talking to the man reveals his name is Pete Saugner, a councilman’s private mechanic..   Read More

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Acrobatics with an Ammonite

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Twelve

Deckart Waldorf knows he’s not supposed to be swimming there, but he needs to get away. Sneaking onto the private beach seems like a good idea. His ex would never think to look for him there. After all, Deckart has always followed the letter of the law, in every area of his life. He’s never even had a parking ticket.

While snorkeling, Deckart spots what looks like the largest sea snail he’s ever seen. He figures it has to be almost five feet in diameter. Unable to help himself, he takes a closer look. Deckart swims around it and even touches the animal. After a few minutes, the beast reaches out to him, revealing tentacles that help it move swiftly, telling him it isn’t a snail.   Read More

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Charming his Wary Vampire

A Paranormal's Love: Book Thirty-Six

Holden has watched as many of the gargoyles in his clutch have found their mates. His hope that his own mate will turn up begins to wane when years pass, and no new mates are found by the remaining single members of the Falias clutch. He begins to despair that Fate has moved her gift of mates to another clutch.

When a fellow gargoyle’s mother becomes gravely ill, the chieftain of another clutch—Chieftain Kinsey, who is also her son—comes to pay his respects. Holden is pleasantly shocked to find, amidst all the grief, there’s a ray of happiness. One of the men in Chieftain Kinsey’s entourage is his mate. He learns the man’s name is Lathe, and he’s a vampire.

Except, Holden discovers that scenting Lathe and wooing him are two very different things.   Read More

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Frog Fugue Fundamentals

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Seven

Anthony Holsteen hasn’t been in the same state as his brother, Dixon, in nearly a century. While they keep tabs on each other and talk a couple of times a year, they do better while far apart. All that changes when Dixon tells Anthony about the many problems his new wolf shifter pack is facing—government conspiracy, witches, humans being turned into shifters, and to top it off, a bigoted sheriff forced into retirement. While Anthony knows that living in close proximity to Dixon could create waves, he accepts the position of sheriff. After all, he would prefer to be in the know when it comes to those causing problems with paranormals.

Even though Dixon has warned Anthony that most of the wolf shifters in his new pack have found their fated mates, he doesn’t expect it to happen to him. He isn’t a wolf, after all.   Read More

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The Acolyte's Education

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Thirty-Two

Shannon knew it was a mistake. He should have found a better way, a way that didn’t put the remaining members of his sleuth in danger. Except, with his brown bear driving him, he takes advantage of the unguarded phone and calls the very people who’d enslaved them—the witch circle. To Shannon’s relief, no one is seriously injured in the witches’ attack, and the circle is stopped. On top of that, the women brought Shannon exactly who he’d hoped—Evan Reyes. Shannon had known Evan was his mate the second he’d scented the skinny twink while in the head witch’s kennels. Being be-spelled, Shannon had never been able to do anything about it. Now, he can. Of course, Shannon has a butt-load of restitution to get through first—not to mention having to figure out how to counter the witches’ lies that are filling Evan’s head—but this is his mate. With the help of his sleuth, even though they’re annoyed with him, Shannon can fix everything, can’t he?   Read More

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Cradling his Heart

Carry Me: Book Twelve

Keith Ryzor had intended to meet Madeline for their third date, but at the last second, she cancels. Already at the restaurant, he decides to head in and eat at the bar. He spots a man alone with a beer and a plate of hot wings. Noticing the bit of hot sauce reddening the black man’s closely-cropped goatee, Keith sits down next to him and tells him about it. While he knows it’s not the most standard way to strike up a conversation, the guy doesn’t seem to mind. Keith finds himself sharing a surprisingly enjoyable meal with a man named Oliver Kostroma. Even though Keith normally dates women, he’s been with men, too, so he decides to ask him out. To his disappointment, Oliver turns him down.

Over the next week, Keith can’t get the sexy electrician out of his mind. When Keith spots Oliver again in an unlikely place—at a barbeque of a co-worker’s friend’s house—he takes it as a sign.   Read More

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The Angel's Vampire

A Loving Nip: Book Twenty-Seven

When Nester joined Murdoch’s coven a couple of years back, Murdoch knew they weren’t beloveds. That didn’t stop him from falling hard and fast for the hazel-eyed vampire, who seems to return his affection. Bringing in a donor for threesomes happens often and keeps the spice in their relationship. Murdoch is ready for the next step—family—and Nester claims to be, too. They agree to a surrogate and artificial insemination. Except, then Murdoch ends up running late to an appointment to meet the surrogate at the facility and walks in on Nester banging the woman. His lover claims it’s no big deal, but it is to Murdoch. If Nester was willing to do that with their surrogate, who else had he been involved with behind his back? Murdoch takes a step back from Nester, trying to get some perspective, angering the other vampire. A guest at the dude ranch—Malakai—offers to listen to Murdoch and offer advice.   Read More

Now Available at eXtasy Books!

The Fixer's Enforcer

A Paranormal's Love: Book Thirty-Five

Salem Galdesque was busy doing a favor for one of Master Krispin’s allies when the news of several beloveds in his home coven reaches his ears. He’s happy for them even as he snickers at the shackles it places upon them. As his coven’s fixer, he could only imagine the trouble such a bond would cause to his own life. Salem loves being able to solve a problem by any means necessary—whether it be by a payoff, seduction, or a good, old-fashioned beat-down…and maybe even more—and answering to a beloved would be nothing but a headache. His tactics makes his job easy, not to mention fun. When Salem is called home to the Maven coven, he meets the gargoyle Keefe and realizes Fate has bestowed upon him a rather dubious gift—Keefe is his beloved. After just a couple of encounters, Salem knows that between Keefe’s serious need to color inside the lines and Salem’s own prevalence toward shades of gray, their different outlooks will cause nothing but problems.   Read More

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Hunting his Human

Shifter's Regime: Book Nine

While out on an assignment for the Shifter Council, Enforcer Dane Drudeson runs across his mate—the human Danny Nunez. He could have called in a replacement and stuck close to the man to woo him, but due to the time-sensitive nature of his mission, he chooses not to. Instead, Dane seduces the sweet, sexy human and secures his phone number. Knowing where Danny works and the town he lives in, Dane feels confident he can track Danny down when he comes back in a few days. Except, after Dane secures time off and returns to the small town, Danny is gone, forcing Dane to go on the hunt. After discovering Danny was injured by his own father, then driven out of town by bigotry, can Dane track down the other half of his soul before something else happens to his sweet, vulnerable human?   Read More

Now Available at eXtasy Books!

Connecting with an Altered

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Six

Agreeing to do his fellow vampire enforcer a favor, Nereo Belmonte heads to Stone Ridge, Colorado. He thought the task sounded simple enough--search the minds of four men who'd been experimented on and see if he can restore their memories. To his surprise, when Nereo walks into the room, he finds himself drawn to the blood of one of them--Warren Berger. With a vested interest in the job, Nereo worries the mental fog he encounters may never clear, leaving Warren's mind in danger of returning to the experiments' original programming.

Warren knows his name. He knows his duty--follow Doctor Winoan's orders. Everything else is immaterial. Except, when Winoan orders him to kill a man, he hears a noise that makes him question that--a snarling hiss...   Read More

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Parasailing with a Sea Lion

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Eleven

Ovram loves his job as the tech guy for World of Aquatica…usually. The only problem is that hiding behind a computer monitor doesn’t give him much of a chance to meet new people. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself drooling over a human even through his screen. Walking into the room the man had occupied reveals why—Sergeant Louis Ferrara is his mate. Too bad the soldier was at their marine park as part of an investigation into a vampire that their shifter pod was hiding—not that Louis knows Price is a vampire.

That means Ovram has to be patient, waiting until after the case is closed to approach Louis. It gives him time to research his human, discreetly delving into his history and military service.   Read More

Now Available on Kindle Unlimited!

Trusting the Stallion's Pounding Hooves

A Shifter Novella

Austin Williams mourns his father’s passing even as he wishes he could cuss out the man. Upon reviewing their ranch’s books, he discovers money missing, missed payments, and plenty of debt. Other than a windfall, he’s uncertain how he and his grandfather can dig themselves out of the financial pit his father has created. Discovering where the missing money went helps them a little—new grazing land. His grandfather spotting the impressive cash prizes for winning one of the events at the annual Call of the Wild Rodeo gives Austin hope…if he can place. But ranch work doesn’t stop, and while attempting to catch a cow in need of medical attention, he takes a tumble from his gelding. Austin wakes to the sight of a naked man leaning over him...   Read More